Meet Google Pixel 2 | NO MORE! – Parody

Ask more of your phone. You didn’t ask for an orange power button, but we gave it to you anyway. Look, we have a fingerprint scanner, suck it Apple! The Google Pixel 2. More screen, except it’s still not full display. 16 million pixe, uh, colors with an OLED thing… And now we can tell you what music is playing in a cafe. And it’s fun and there’s more, whoooooah, ok, ha! The highest rated camera. Again. Wow, we’re so good. We have more definition in less light; we don’t care… And now you can take… Better photos. We’re so great. That is a bad photo, why did we take, why did we use that? We don’t need a second camera, because we’re geniuses, because we’re the best. That’s right, you heard it here folks, we’re the best. Now you can make more memories, we’re about to roast Apple… There’s the roast of Apple, we roasted Apple so hard. It’s all saved for free, in Google Photos, where we’ll stalk you all the time. Search more of what you see. Now you can tell what building is in front of you instead of asking the person next to you. More help from your Google Assistant.

It’s always listening in every room, listening to all your private conversations. Yes, dogs dream. ‘Tell me about Sydney’ or you could just go there yourself. Squeeze! All with a battery life that is absolutely ready for more and more, more, mo, m, mo m, m, more, that’s enough mores. Still want more? We don’t want more. Please no more. No more We don’t want more No, enough. We don’t want more. Stop more. *Sigh* Google Pixel 2. Oh and by the way, we forgot to mention, we got rid of the headphone jack. And also, it’s very expensive. Sorry. .

Meet the Google Pixel It has a lot of cool stuff, like no headphone jack, a screen and a camera that can do Wow, so Much like the iPhone X!

Can you find the 4 secret messages?

Disclaimer: I don’t actually mind this phone (I mean, it’s heaps better than the iPhone X) but I still think the Pixel 2/2 XL has a lot to work But then again, for Google’s second phone, they’ve done a pretty good Used:
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