Google Pixel 2 Water Test + Underwater Video – Is it ACTUALLY Waterproof

Hey everyone this is chad and in this video we’ll be doing a water test with the all new Google Pixel 2. Now, the Pixel 2 is iP67 certified which means it can withstand immersion water up to one meter for 30 minutes. However, keep in mind Google does not cover any water damage to your device. Now the first test we’ll do is a shower test, but basically we’ll see what happens upon spraying a hose at the Google Pixel 2. As you can see here the Pixel 2 goes a little crazy when water hits the screen and acts open and closes different apps. So if you were hoping to be able to use the phone with water running on it, that won’t work.

However, immediately after stopping the water source, you can resume normal phone use. I didn’t have to use a towel to dry off the display. The next test I did was water immersion, I decided to go ahead and record some underwater footage just to see how it would turn, and I think it looks really good. One thing I noticed was that the video never cut the video out, even when I was about six or so feet underwater. I was able to above and underwater back to back and the phone was able to quickly refocus on the subject.

I didn’t really expect the camera to work so well underwater, but I leave a little video footage at the end of this video. Anyway, one thing everyone wants to know after someone performs one of these water tests is how the speakers fare and charging. Well I can attest to the fact that the charging still works as usual, and I also recorded some audio of the Pixel 2 before performing the test. Here’s the beginning audio, where it plays back one of my voiceovers. and here’s the same audio about ten minutes after the water test. Clearly the after sounds pretty awful, but about an hour -later it sounds like this. I think the audio is pretty comparable, but afterwards it isn’t as loud How does all of this knowledge translate into everyday use? Well, don’t worry if you’re on a phone call, or using Pixel 2 in the rain.

It’s also probably not a big deal if you jump into a pool with your phone in your pocket, so long as you quickly remove it. However, keep in mind that it’s likely your speaker quality will be effected with prolonged submersion in water. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this video. If you did, be sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe, and I’ll see you all in the next video. .

Google Pixel 2 Water Test + Underwater Camera Test

In this video we do a full water test to see if the new Google Pixel 2 actually is water proof, splash proof, and water resistant. A demonstration of the Google Pixels 2’s underwater video capabilities is performed as well.

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