Google Docs Tutorial 1 Learning the Basics

Good morning everyone. This is Bill stevens with the music educator. Today we’re going to start learning about some of the basics about some technology that is used in the school today. In particular – about Google Docs. Getting started now. First thing you need to know about Google Docs is that – yes, it is a cloud based. Well, what does that mean? That means is that you can go from one computer with the internet and type up or a report, paper or whatever (and) then go to another computer, on the other side of the world, get on the internet and be able to get that same paper. That’s basically where everything is going. At first I was afraid and I know there’s a lot of people that are like I’m not comfortable with this.

I really like Google Docs and my school is using it. Trust me, if you keep it simple the steps will make sense and then you’ll be like “oh it’s just like learning how to use email.” So if you look on the screen right now we have a what we call an open document. It’s a Google Doc and how I got there was I went to Or I started it in my Google Drive. I’ll show a picture of that later and in the upper left hand corner there’s a button where you can create a new Google Doc. (So) but for right now what I wanted to do is… I’m going to show you the functionality, at least the beginning steps of this, Sooo we’re going to work on some of our preset settings. We’re going to go ahead and go over fonts, we’re gonna go over alignment, we’re going to teach you how to share, which is different from Microsoft Word- at least from the traditional Microsoft Word Version. So on the screen, in the upper left hand corner we have this little area that says “untitled document.” Now this is huge because when you start this, this is where you’re going to put your “save file name.” Okay, so whatever you save it as -this is where you want to save it.

So we’re just going to call this “testing today.” Okay so… and then instead you’ll click to the side. That’s all you do. I mean Google saves this for you. That’s one of the great things about Google. A lot of your cloud-based programs will save on their own and they’ll save different versions of it based upon your history. All you need to know is that if you look right here in the upper, kind of center area, all of the changes are saved. What is Google Drive? We will get back to it – but the thing is that back in the day when you used to have to save on your computer- that’s called your hard drive. The cloud is taking the place of your hard drive. So, your cloud or your Google Drive is where things are being saved. Later on we’ll show you how to get to it but it’s pretty easy. Okay, so then we’re going to go ahead and do is we’re just going just like any word processing software we’re gonna put it simple enough. Okay, we will say my “introduction” okay so just to kind of separate some of this.

Again, similarly to Microsoft Word… We have the title, so if you’re doing a paper, you just want you know some kind of headline to catch to your audience’s eye you have the functionality to use font size and most people know what font size is. You can change your size of your text – you just highlight the text you want to change – you can go really big, really small. One of the things I like about this is there’s also a preset sizes. So say you just don’t know what size to use you – follow over here to where it says normal text.

Okay and there’s predetermined text sizes. This is great especially if you’re doing articles or blog posts or things I’m just going to click title okay and that creates the standard title size. But you can change – you go to subtitle it’s a little smaller it actually dims into gray a little bit. Okay, heading one, two, three you know they just change everything so we’re gonna say title and I don’t want my title on the left side so I’m gonna go to my language get your left align, center line, and right align. I’m going to click center I’m just gonna say there’s my title so that’s how to use your left, center and right aligned. Simple enough? Okay, so now let’s go a little deeper into fonts.

Now in fonts, you know you have your 8, 9, 10 11, 12, 14, 18 okay and it starts to skip around. Now if you really want to have an exact site as you want I got to do is this little button right here. Okay, you just type in a number say I’m on 78.Okay put to the side “oh” but I have to actually highlight something. I like my introduction, when I highlight – that’s 11 here and put 78 in there and “boom” there’s my 78. Now, I don’t really want sending it right now so I’m just gonna go back to the 11.

So you have your sizes, you got your text, then you have your fonts. So you have your font size you have your actual fonts. Now if you notice there’s all kinds… So I’m gonna highlight a little bit of text, my conclusion and there’s all kinds “Pacifica” like the “Pacifica”- it looks kind of cool. It has more cursive look however if you’re doing a paper, you’re doing something formal -it’s good to keep it clear. Not everybody can read cursive sometimes there’s some really wacky fonts and in this situation you just want to kind of keep it simple. So, you want to keep it clear – so my recommendation is if you’re doing a paper on Google Docs or like a blog or something that’s really simple – my recommendation is either to use “Georgia,” “Arial,” or “Times New Roman” Typically, back in the day, a lot of people just chose “Times New Roman” but I personally like “Georgia.” “Georgia” is a clear font for me. Okay, and so the last portion of this intro video to Google Docs tutorial – I’m going to show you how to use the share.

Alright, so if you look in the upper right hand button and you have this like big blue button with a lock on… It’s shared. Currently it says by notice it says private to me only. Meaning right now this document is only in my Google Drive. I’m the only one that can see. It if it stays private I can’t send it I my teacher won’t be able to see it my colleagues won’t be able to see it my business people won’t be able to see it so it’s just for me.

So it’s great if it’s just private. For those of you by the way that are teachers if you have a school system Google Apps for Education… Your IT people actually can’t see anything that’s on the school Drive. So please keep that in mind. If this is your personal gmail account you don’t have quite as much functionality as Google Apps for Education but you won’t have that like, “hey I can find someone else’s paper – kind of deal.

So going back to the share – the important parts. You gotta click the share button and I want to change it so there’s a couple ways you can do it. First, I can put it says people right here in this little box but names are emails. Well, if you have a fully complete contact list you can usually use that and it’ll populate your possibilities but for right now I’m just going to send it to one of my other emails.

Okay, and over here on the rightof that there’s a pencil and I can change the settings. I can either have that a lot of that person to edit, comment, or view. Sometimes you don’t want people changing things you just want to get their feedback so then I would say you know have them be able to comment or view. The simple one is if you don’t want anybody change anything put it on view. Okay, they can’t change it. Then just below it you can say okay “hey you know – this is my test page what do you think.” You can just set it just like that. Okay, then they will get a notification and their email they’ll press a blue button as well and it will go into what we call their shared Drive.

We’ll talk about that a little bit later so but that’s not all the functionality. So I’m gonna go back to the share button and there’s a couple quick things. If you look in the bottom right hand button there’s a word – advanced. You’re gonna click that in advance. Now here it shows who have I already shared this with okay if it’s a specific individual or I can share Gmail, Google+, Facebook, Twitter. I usually don’t do that too much. If I want to share it right now, I need to go ahead and change a couple settings here. So, right now it says who has access. Well specific people can have access – meaning my other email address. But in this situation I want to change it. I want to make it over to everybody so what do I do I take this tab or I take just specific people and I can choose either inputting it from read or public on the web.

I usually just put it “public on the web” because they don’t like to worry right now anybody you know specific people a lot of times that people don’t have you know if you send out a link and most people that will get it or need to get it will get it. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about them so I’m gonna click “Save.” That’s super important- in the beginning new user mistake is that they don’t do the “share button” and they have shared something and they haven’t. And what happens is the system has basically asked can this person have permission to view this document. It is a headache -avoid it- just put share – open to public- So you press “done” Now, if I put my cursor over the share buttons public on the web. “Anyone on the Internet can have access and no sign in is required which is great. Okay – there are situations when you don’t want that – but this is primarily what you want. So, one last – time say I want to send it to someone now. Sooo, so I’m gonna click to “share” one more time and in this upper right hand corner get a shareable link.

Okay? There’s this link that shows up. I just press this copy link button and it auto saves-link copied to the clipboard. And all I got to do is copy it and paste it. And… I’m just gonna press done here. I’m gonna pretend like this is like my email. This link, this link will show up in their email and they will have access to this. Alright that’s it for today. Stay tuned for tutorial 2 and we’ll go and dive into google docs even more. .

In today’s world, everyone needs to be able to use technology in the classroom, in business or at home. In this video, I have created an easy to reference tutorial on learning how to use Google Docs. I will continue to increase add provide additional tutorials that outline Google Docs helpful functionality. Please feel free to comment or ask me a

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