Apple Photos vs Google Photos 2019: a cloud backup review

For years this has been a struggle. From using external hard drives, to burning your photos into discs… but both Apple Photos and Google photos provide fantastic solutions. Today we are going to look into the advantages and disadvantages of both of them, and find out which one is the best for you. The first thing we should talk about is the cloud. What is the cloud? I’m gonna explain this in a nutshell. Whenever you shoot a photo with your phone if you use Google photos or Apple photos those photos are automatically stored in the clouds when what’s actually happening is that phone is being stored in Google or Apple’s computers their servers those servers are replicated all across the world so if one fails there’s a backup and if that one fails there’s another backup so there’s really no chance of your photos being deleted accidentally they’re also super secure so there’s no recorded history of an apple or a Google Photos server hack any photo that has ever been leaked online happened because someone was careless about their phone or their computer passwords so if all these photos are stored in the cloud what does that mean for you it means that you can access those photos anywhere it means again that there’s no chance of deleting them accidentally and finally it means that your devices are offloaded from those photos so if you’re running low on storage on either of your devices both of these apps actually automatically delete the photos from your devices they just keep a thumbnail so they can free up some space so you can take more photos now talking about some other shared features both support video as well video is usually hard to handle it because videos are often so large that they take up a lot of space but both of them will handle your videos no problem both of these apps also share great auto editing tools so there’s this magic wand that you can press that automatically edits your photo so it’ll fix your color balance and your saturation and your brightness and it’ll make your photos look stellar with just a click which is pretty much as good as automatic gets these days another great advantage of both of these apps is indexing so both Apple photos and Google photos will index your photos based on their location whenever you shoot a photo with your phone that photo probably has a GPS tag which remembers the location where you actually shot that picture what both of these do is that they let you browse for example your latest strip because all the photos were shot around the same area and they know that that’s not the area where you usually take pictures both of them also index spaces in your photos if you allow them to so what that does is it groups photos of your kid or photos of your family or each each person that you take a photo with and they’re all grouped in the same place now that of course is very useful if you’re looking for a specific photo you took with that person but they also use that information for little videos and custom things that they make we look into those in a second and finally and this is probably the most powerful feature that both of these apps have the assistant slash memories feature what that does is it automatically groups photos from your latest trip or photos that you took X number of years ago or photos that you took with certain person and it groups it into little videos or automatic designs or automatic animations or automatic gifts that they generate so they this is a great way to you know to share an old memory or just to remember something that happened a while ago in a fresh and creative way and I think that this is pretty much the future in the end you know the struggle the reason why I started this blog is what do we do with all these photos that we’ve shopped over the years and both assistants and memories I believe are going to be the solution to this there still works in progress they’re not perfect but I’m very confident that in the next five to ten years both of these features will certainly solve memories for us now let’s look in-depth into the pros and cons of Apple versus Google photos okay so advantages of Apple photos over Google photos the first one is support for live pictures so a lot of phones these days are offering this feature of live photos but that actually does is when you shoot a picture the camera it captures a little bit of video before and after you shoot the photo so that let’s see for example change the frame that you took or let’s make these little animated gifts for eye native or animated boomerangs or loops out of your photos photos that you maybe didn’t know we’re live you can sort of bring a new life to them another great advantage of Apple photos is support for raw images so if you are a professional photographer or even an amateur photographer and you own a DSLR camera you should be shooting all your photos in RAW format basically the RAW format captures a lot more information on a picture so let’s see for example correct overexposed or underexposed most photos without blowing out any of the colors so if you own a camera that shoots wrong you just you should absolutely be using that feature and then you can know that Apple photos will not only store those real files for you but provide the tools to edit them that’s something that Google photos doesn’t do finally another great advantage of Apple photos is that it’s pretty much integrated into the Apple environment especially for for tools like iMovie or Final Cut Pro if you want to edit videos so any photo or video that you’ve kept in Apple photos you can pretty much index from inside of iMovie or Final Cut and then bring them into your project now disadvantages of Apple photos it’s an Apple only product so if you own an iPhone but you don’t own a Mac then importing photos into Apple photos is only going to be possible from your phone and that might bring some complications another disadvantage of Apple photos is that the web version is pretty much useless so they have a native app for your Mac and obviously they haven’t named it native app for your iPad or your iPhone but the web version that you could potentially access on any browser is not useful at all it doesn’t have any of the editing tools exporting photos on there is hard and it takes a long time to load especially if you have a large library then I talked about the phase recognition right so Apple doesn’t do as well on recognizing faces as Google does so you know taking the same library from one platform to the other I was able to get a lot more matches on certain faces on Google versus Apple photos so though the other disadvantage here is that Apple photos is a paid product there’s a free version that gives you five gigs for free but that’s really only enough for a handful of pictures and after that you need to go into a paid plan Google does offer some free alternatives and we’ll look into those in a second as we review google photos so for the past few days I’ve been playing around with the new Huawei mate 20 pro I made a whole video review about why I’m not keeping it as my main cell phone but it gave me the opportunity to try Google photos in depth on a device that wasn’t manufactured by Apple so some advantages of Google photos first of all it’s free they have this option in which they compress all your photos into their high quality format but you can upload as many photos as you want and you’ll never be charged for it so it’s great if you don’t care that much about keeping your photos in raw or if you trust their they’re high definition which is actually very good you can choose this option and then never have to pay to store your photos so I’m assuming that’s gonna be a fantastic feature for many of you if you do choose to pay for Google photos here is a comparison table on the pricing for each one now I mentioned that both Apple photos and Google photos have this memories / assistant feature but the Google assistant is actually very very nice it’ll for example pick random video and turn it into a little gift or it’ll pick photos and change the colors completely or since it’s since Google is very efficient at understanding what is in the photo it can generate some pretty cool and creative results without any effort this came to me as a as a surprise so I went through the process of moving all my photos from Apple photos to Google photos which was an extensive process because they’re in like 350 gigabytes of picture but as photos were uploading I left my computer on and just left it at the office just uploading pictures as new photos uploaded the assistants started generating me who very very cool gifts and animations that would remind me of old times and maybe pictures that I forgot I have obviously another advantage here is that Google Photos pretty much works on any device so it’ll work on an iPhone it’ll work in an Android phone and the web version of Google Photos is actually very strong it provides almost every single feature that you can find on the app version so it gives you access to all your pictures in all devices you know went wherever you are so disadvantages of Google Photos like I said raw I do have a lot of RO photos that I’d like to store on Apple photos and keep a backup there and that’s something that didn’t work on Google Photos at all again they provide you with the option up below uploading them to Google Drive but you know they’re not easy to index or you can’t you can’t really edit them inside of Google Drive so that’s that’s something that I hope that they take care of because they’re they could be the strongest of the two if it wasn’t for that feature now the question is which one did I end up using I actually end up sticking with both again both have stuff that I really like and that make them a premium photo product for me so in case of Google I think the strongest feature is the assistant now there’s a whole deal about these automatic videos and this is a lot of what I’m gonna be exploring over the next few months in this blog I’m gonna go to Everest base camp as a project next year and I want to understand what’s the best way to document a trip like this I’m always we gonna bring all my cameras and my drone and my GoPro but I’m prepared to spend a whole lot of time editing the video just the way I wanted I want to balance and find out which is better if I should spend I don’t know a hundred hours editing this full production video or if Apple photos or Google photos can come up with a video that’s maybe not as good or hopefully not as good but decent enough so that most of humanity can find an efficient way to organize their photos I should also talk about local storage so before Apple photos and Google photos came along your only alternative was really you know keeping hard drives the challenge with hard drives is that they’re really just a time bomb you know that a hard drive is gonna eventually fail you just don’t know when and if a hard drive fails you pretty much lose everything so you might want to keep two hard drive backups but that’s gonna cost maybe what two hundred dollars to keep two hard drives and you have to keep them in sync so it’s not it’s not efficient it’s no longer more efficient than then the cloud-based alternative now the final subject that we should talk about is security we are all aware of you know celebrities photos being hacked or people’s phones getting hacked and near their photos leaking online now why does that happen as a matter of fact it hasn’t happened because Apple or Google were hacked it hack it happens because their accounts were hacked how do you protect yourself from this well first of all keep a strong password don’t tell anybody your phone PIN and you’re making a complicated code but I think the strongest resource that you have at your disposal is using 2-step verification in a nutshell 2-step verification means that you have your actual password and another pin sort of six digit password that gets refreshed and generated every twenty seconds so if you have 2-step verification and you and somebody tries to login into a new device they are gonna need that number and since they don’t have it since you’re the only one who has that then you’re pretty much protected against most hacker attacks now wrapping up let me know in the comments which is your favorite proud firm and if I missed any of the most important features see you next

For years I’ve struggled to find the best solution to efficiently backup and protect all my digital photos.

Google Photos and Apple Photos are the best solutions, period. In this video, I am going to thoroughly compare the two, to confirm which is the best cloud backup alternative, for both amateur and professional photography.

Cloud storage is most certainly better than any local solution available today. I’ll touch on the disadvantages or hard drives or solid state drives as photo storage.

Some of the features we’ll look into this video:
– Assistant vs Memories.
– Support for RAW Photos.
– Support for Live Photos.
– Pricing comparison.
– Advantages of a cloud backup.