10 Cosas Que Nunca Deberías Buscar En Google | Parte 2

Hello my curious. Be all… Weeeeeeeelcome to a new video! Almost two months ago, I shared the first video of this series entitled “10 things you should never look for in Google”. As the first part reached the goal of thumbs up, and was full of comments that said how much you had loved, now I have prepared the second part of this series. This is a video where you will discover really interesting things that you should not search on Google. From the original trailer of a horror movie that you should not look for, because it can make you vomit! to a horrific practice known as “Mellified man” that I do not recommend that you investigate. Only before I start with the topic, I have a small question for you. Do you know the name of the first animal that orbited our planet aboard a spaceship? I will leave you 4 options, choose the one that you believe is correct and write it in the comments at this moment.

At the end of the video, we’ll see if you guessed the answer, because I’m going to tell you what the name of the first animal that orbited our planet aboard a spaceship was, okay? Now we are ready! Make yourself comfortable! And enjoy it my friend!. I’m the Curious Ben. And… how curious are you? The Exorcist Original Trailer It is considered that the original trailer of this film has been one of the most terrifying trailers of the film industry. And those are big words, don’t you think? According to several websites, the trailer had to be banned worldwide after having been presented only a couple of times in a few movie theaters.

Surely you must ask yourself: Why did they forbid it? It was because the few people who had the misfortune to see it suffered a lot of discomfort, from headaches to vomiting. Can you imagine how ugly that trailer was to make people vomit? Fortunately, or perhaps our misfortune, the forbidden trailer is now available on the Internet. But considering the bad reputation it has, and that there is a real risk of you suffering headaches or vomiting, my advice is that you do not look for the original trailer of the exorcist under any circumstances. Besides, I do not know why you would do it. Number 9 Leonarda Cianciulli Leonarda was a woman known for brutally murdering 3 women and making soap bars and tea cake with their bodies. Can you imagine that? All this happened between 1939 and 1940 in a small Italian town called Correggio. So Leonarda was officially known as “Soap-Maker of Correggio”. According to the reports in this case, Leonarda said that these crimes would help her son return safely from the Second World War. Although it was not clear why she believed that turning these women into bars of soap would help her son, nor how it would help her son, the articles that talk about the case are quite scary.

As you can imagine! And that is why I do not recommend that you look more for the topic. Among the details you will discover is how she did to gain the trust of her 3 victims and thus not raise suspicions, until the process she followed to convert these three women into bars of soap and tea cake. -She was crazy! right? -Bullshit! I’m not going to let you turn me into a bar of soap, Benny. As her story is one of the most terrifying of a serial killer I know, and it’s full of traumatizing data.

The best advice I can give you is not to look for her name on Google. Number 8 Witch Doctors of Uganda In hundreds of countries around the world, like Uganda, sorcery and witchcraft are still relatively common practices. With commons I refer to the fact that it is not unusual to find witches in big cities, I do not mean that the practice is something accepted in those countries. If you take the time to search a little about the Witch Doctors of Uganda, you will find articles that talk about one of the most horrific practices that exist today: Child Sacrifice! These sacrifices are supposed to help people obtain great riches and protection from spirits.

And as you can imagine, some greedy people are so desperate to get money and protection no matter what that they decide to go to these sorcerers to request their help. And sorcerers, in turn, kidnap and murder children because that is supposedly what the spirits demand in exchange for providing riches and protection. Being such a horrible practice, you should not even investigate the subject for mere entertainment, much less out of simple curiosity. I’m telling you very seriously, do not look for Witch Doctors of Uganda in Google. You’ll save several traumas! Number 7 Vladímir Démijov Vladimir was a Soviet scientist who won the repudiation of many people because of the cruelty of the experiments he carried out on animals. One of his most popular experiments was the two-headed dog. That was a strange creature half adult German shepherd and half puppy that lived for 29 days until dying painfully. If you search for the name of this man, Vladimir Demijov on Google, you will not only find more details about the two-headed dog, which was one of his cruelest experiments, but you will also discover the large number of animals that died due to his experiments.

This search is also linked to information about the secret hospitals of Stalin’s time, where they performed brutal experiments on animals with the aim of discovering if life could be prolonged with organ transplantation. And since I know that you do not want to trauma yourself by reading all the details related to this topic, the best thing you can do is forget about looking for more about Vladimir Demijov and the animal experiments. Number 6 Joseph Merrick The case of Joseph Merrick is one of the saddest and most complex in the history of medicine.

The story goes that since Joseph was 1 and a half years old, he was diagnosed with a terrifying disease known as Proteus syndrome. This syndrome gave him a different appearance to the rest of the people, to the point of being popularly known as “The Elephant Man”. His case has been one of the most extreme in the history of medicine that is known. Although I will not put pictures of his appearance, out of respect for him and you, obviously! you should know that Joseph lived much of his life as a circus phenomenon that people saw with admiration and repulsion at the same time.

If you search for his name on Google you can find everything you need to know about his sad history. From the horrible thing that he lived being a circus phenomenon to how complicated it was for the doctors of his time to try to help him. As I know that reading about his case is also linked to the Proteus syndrome, and you will be curious to see photographs of people suffering from this disease, to investigate more about this topic, I do not think it will be a pleasant experience. So, think carefully before looking for Joseph Merrick’s case on Google. Number 5 Mütter Museum Surely you wonder what a museum can have to be scary or strange to add to this list, right? Well, the Mütter Museum is completely different from any other museum you know.

It is a museum dedicated to medicine where you can see all kinds of strange and disgusting things. From organs of people attacked by serious diseases, to medical anomalies that could never be explained. For everything you’ll find here, the Mutter Museum is one of the most terrifying museums, it could even be the most terrifying one you could visit. Personally I could see some of the images that are available in Google, and I think you could be terrified if you take the time to investigate a little more about this site.

Number 4 Spontaneous Human Combustion Spontaneous combustion is one of the greatest enigmas in history. It basically consists of a person dying because he starts to burn from within. So that you understand it better, imagine that a spark ignited in your stomach and you start to burn without being able to do anything about it. Terrifying, isn’t it? Many experts rule out that something like this is possible, but those who argue the theory claim that since the 18th century at least 200 cases of people who died from Spontaneous Human Combustion have been reported.

Because there are so few cases, the medical information is very small, and it is believed that it is very unlikely that something like this could happen to you. But since I know that searching for Spontaneous Human Combustion in Google will inevitably lead you to read more about the cases reported, I do not encourage you to look for more on this topic. They really are very ghoulish! and I think I remembered that you told me you wanted to sleep tonight. So, better not even try! Number 3 Hinterkaifeck Murders The searches related to this word will show you one of the most brutal and mysterious homicides that are known in Germany.

So obviously, it’s not something you should read, much less late at night. According to the story, on March 31, 1922, the 6 people who lived on this farm were murdered by a stranger in a brutal manner. It was never known who he was, much less why he did it. What a mystery! right? The only thing that is known about the case is that the victims were brutally beaten with a pickaxe until they were killed. The rest remains a mystery to this day. So if you are looking for Hinterkaifeck Murders in Google, you will find a list with the possible suspects, a little more about the history of that family and more than anything, which is the part that I do not recommend reading, you will know explicit details of the condition in which the bodies of the family were found. The crime was so brutal and is surrounded by so many mysteries that you should think twice before looking more of this topic. -Damn crap! -Benny, stop looking for more of the subject. Did not you hear what I said? Number 2 Blanche Monnier Blanche Monnier was a French girl who spent 25 years locked in a small room in her house because her mother did not want her to marry her boyfriend.

Can you imagine that? Her case went around the world, and now it is considered one of the most horrendous punishments of a mother towards a daughter. The story goes that in 1874, when Blanche told her family that she wanted to marry her boyfriend, her mother decided not to let her leave the house anymore. The decision was supported by the family and for 25 long years, neither her boyfriend nor the other people knew anything about her. The case is so cruel and brutal that I recommend that you do not look for more on this topic.

You will find photographs of how Blanche looked when she was found and data about the permanent traumas she had to live with until she died in 1913. That’s terrifying, right? Number 1 Mellified Man This ancient and horrendous practice consists of following a long process to obtain a medicinal substance with the help of a human corpse and honey. For the process to work it had to go through different phases. The first phase was carried out when the person was still alive. It is said that some elderly people in Arabia who felt that they were about to die, replaced their diet to eat exclusively honey all day. Even for the process to work well they had to bathe with honey instead of water. Then when the person had already died, his corpse was placed inside a sarcophagus full of honey that only had to be opened 100 years later. The substance that resulted from all this long process was able to serve as a powerful medicine that cured all kinds of diseases.

Or at least that’s what they said! Since I know that you will find some unpleasant details, and that you could be traumatized just by imagining each phase of this process, the best thing is that you do not look for anything about Mellified Man in Google, okay? -I’m hungry! Why do you want a jar of honey and a sarcophagus, Benny? Are you insane? And that’s all for today! I’m sure you loved this video as much as I did.

So if you would like me to do a third part with things that are better not to search Google… Leave a thumbs up, okay? If your answer to the question of the beginning was Laika… You guessed right! Laika is a Soviet dog that is considered the first living being to orbit our planet aboard a spaceship. Specifically, she did it aboard the spacecraft “Sputnik 2” at the end of 1957, and unfortunately died within a few hours after takeoff. Interesting, right? Before you leave, do not forget to share this video with all your friends so that the family of curious continues to grow. And follow me on social networks so that you can learn new curiosities every day.

Now look at another of my tops by clicking on one of those little windows that you see on your screen right now. And let the show continue! I see you in the next one! Gooooooooooooooodbye! ♪♪♪ .

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