10 Cosas Que Nunca Deberías Buscar En Google | Parte 1

Hello my curious. Be all… Weeeeeeeeeeeeeelcome to a new video! With the hundreds of thousands of articles that are shared on the internet each day, it is quite obvious that many of them will be very, very frightening. That’s why in today’s video, I decided to make a compilation for you with 10 things that you should never look in Google. So I’m sure you’ll love this video, just before I start with the topic I have a little question for you. Steve Irwin was a famous Australian environmentalist, popularly known as the crocodile hunter, you probably already know him, he died in 2006, then of what… Choose one of the options that you see on your screen at this moment and write it down below in the comments right now, at the end of the video we will see if you choose the correct option, because I am going to tell you what ended the life of this man, okay? Now we are ready, get comfortable, and enjoy it my friend! I’m the Curious Ben. And…

How curious are you? Euthanasia Coaster The Euthanasia Coaster is a roller coaster quite different from any you’ve seen before in your life, Instead of doing something fun and exciting like any other roller coaster, this one has been designed with the aim of ending the life of everyone who climbs on it. -It’s frightening! right? -It’s a crap You’re not going to build anything in my garden, Benny. Forget it! Fortunately, this roller coaster is only a concept, which means it is not built, and there are no plans to build something so ghoulish in the near future, but the fact that it’s just a concept, does not mean that looking for a bit of it in google becomes a truly terrifying experience.

Some of the things you can find in your search are the details of its operation and design, for example, how many people can get on, how long the trip lasts, and what is the maximum speed that will reach. but leaving the technical details aside, what could leave you many traumas is to read what will happen to your body in each part of the route, from what you will feel as you go up to what will have happened to your brain and your body when you finish the journey. How crazy! Don’t you think? Number 9 Anthropodermic Bibliopegy This was an ancient practice where human skin was used to bind books. Yes, you read well! Real human skin, among some of the details that are known about this practice is that it was a very common technique during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

The craziest of all is that it is believed that nowadays, from time to time some other books are bound with real human skin. Can you imagine? If you take the time to google a little more about this topic, Although I do not recommend it at all! you will not only find details about how they did it and for what reason, but also rather ugly stories that probably will not let you sleep. Since you are here, I am going to mention a quick example so you have an idea of what you will find. This book here, was found in the library of the University of Harvard about 5 years ago, dates from 1880, and was bound… as you can imagine, using the skin of a real human, of a mentally ill, to be exact.

As supposedly no relative or friend claimed the body of this mentally ill patient when he died, they decided to use their skin to bind this book, which by the way is called “Des destinées de l’ame”. Pretty ugly, don’t you think? If I’m honest, that’s nothing compared to the stories you’ll find if you look for… Anthropodermic Bibliopegy in google, nowadays it is known that hundreds of books similar to this are scattered in libraries, museums and personal collections around the world.

Number 8 Capgras Delusiony It will suffice that you read as a book of psychiatry defines this delusion so that you are afraid to search more of the subject. It says this way: “The patient who suffers from Capgras delusion believes that a person closely related to him has been replaced by a double or an imposter. Basically, what that means is that a person suffering from Capgras delusion might think that a family member or a close friend has been replaced by another person, that is, an imposter. It seems like a gangster, right? The first case officially identified was thanks to a French psychiatrist named Capgras, and that is where the name of the delusion came from, from Capgras. In 1923 Dr. Capgras reported the case of a 74-year-old woman who claimed that her husband had been replaced by a complete stranger, although the old woman could recognize all the other members of her family.

She was totally convinced that her husband had been replaced by a double that looked like him, but it was not him. If you search in Google Capgras delusion you can find dozens of cases of people who suffered or suffer from this disease, each case is more frightening than the previous one, that’s why I do not recommend looking for more of the topic. Number 7 Cecil Hotel The Cecil Hotel is a budget hotel located in the center of the city of Los Angeles in the USA, it was opened in 1927, but since 1931 it has earned a very bad reputation for all the horrible things that have happened inside it.

So that you have an idea of the great amount of ugly things that have had a place here, Wikipedia has decided to create a whole page dedicated exclusively to list all the deaths and violent acts that have taken place here in this hotel, and as you can see there are too many. One of the most enigmatic cases occurred in 2013, when a young Canadian tourist named Elisa Lam, was recorded with a suspicious attitude inside the main elevator, it seems as if she was running away from something or someone, right? To make matters worse, only a couple of days after these scenes will be recorded, Elisa was found lifeless inside a water tank located on the roof of the hotel, and also, her death was never resolved. The other cases of the list that you will find in Wikipedia are similar to those of Elisa Lam with people who died under strange circumstances and violent acts worthy of a nightmare. A quick search of the Cecil Hotel will tell you the other macabre stories that happened here, so the real question is: did you really want to sleep tonight? Number 6 José Salvador Alvarenga Mr.

Alvarenga was recognized worldwide at the beginning of 2014, because he spent 438 days adrift in the open sea and he lived to tell the story. According to the official version of his story, he went fishing with his friend Ezequiel on the Mexican coast of Chiapas in November 2012, but his small boat lost its way due to a heavy storm, 438 days later Alvarenga arrived dying at the beach of Ebon Atoll in the Marshall Islands in February 2014, almost 10,000 kilometers from where he left. How crazy, right? Although its story instead of sounding like something you should not google, actually sounds a feat of epic dimensions, the truth is that reading about his experience could be more traumatizing than you imagine, especially if you are a fisherman.

-Bullshit! -You are not a fisherman, Benny. You are just a cat. The articles related to Mr. Alvarenga will tell you all the details of his odyssey, of the disgusting things he had to eat and drink to stay alive, to explicit details about the death of his friend Ezequiel, and even what he had to do with his friend’s body in the open sea. So either you look at the epic side of the matter or on the contrary…

You understand me! Number 5 Gombe Chimpanzee War In January 1974 a great war between chimpanzees broke out in the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, and it was not a simple fight between two groups as anyone could think but a real war between animals that lasted 4 years in total. Although all this sounds like pure foolishness, the war did not end until one of the groups completely exterminated the other group. Can you believe it? During those 4 years of violent encounters almost daily, many deaths and orchestrated attacks were recorded between the chimpanzees of the north zone of the park against those of the south zone of the park. The details of the whole confrontation were made public thanks to a primate expert named Jane Goodall, and now that war has gone down in history as the first known non-human war. So if you google a little more about this topic, you will find articles, interviews and data on the bloodiest event among chimpanzees of all time.

Number 4 The Silent Twins With that name they were known these two twin girls, really called June Gibbons and Jennifer Gibbons. Although at first glance girls could not have anything different from other girls of their age, the reality is that these two girls had a mentality and behavior… much more frightening than you could imagine. A search on the Silent Twins in google will tell you all the strange things that they did when they were just teenagers, from the times when they tried to suffocate each other until the time they wanted to start a fire in broad daylight, and that’s just the beginning! You will also find details of how they ended up being held in a prison for the mentally ill for 11 long years, when they were still only girls, and finally you will discover what it was that led Jennifer Gibbons to take her own life for the sake of her sister.

In short, we can not say that reading about the Silent Twins will be a pleasant reading, but rather a nightmare. Do you want to read it? Number 3 Foot Binding It is in a terribly painful practice that disfigured the feet of millions of Chinese girls and women for centuries, this brutal practice is officially known as lotus feet. The story says that Chinese women started with this from the 10th century until reaching 1949, which was when the Chinese government decided to ban the lotus feet permanently. To give you an idea of how terrible this practice was, it will be enough to see the conditions in which the few elderly women with lotus feet are still living in China have a hard time moving and need assistance almost all the time. If you are interested in finding more about this practice in google, you will find pretty strong pictures with disfigured feet, and several articles explain in detail the painful process that Chinese women had to go through since they were little girls to be able to have small feet. Pretty amazing, right? Number 2 John Wayne Gacy Mr.

Gacy was one of the most famous serial killers in the United States, after his entire story came out in the news became known worldwide as The Killer Clown. He earned this name because from time to time he managed parties for children dressed as a clown, his stage name was Pogo the Clown. But years later when it was known that he was the mastermind for the disappearance of 33 teenagers, Pogo the Clown became The Killer Clown. If you have the guts to find the full story of John Wayne Gacy in google, you will discover how it was that he caught his victims, what he did with them, and where they were buried after brutally taking their lives. Just let me warn you that the articles, videos and documentaries you’ll find about this man could cause you a sickly fear of clowns. Number 1 Baba Vanga Mrs. Vanga also known as the Bulgarian Nostradamus, she made dozens of prophecies throughout her life. Regardless of whether or not you believe in those people who can supposedly prophesy the future, I’m sure that the story of Baba Vanga and his visions will make your blood run cold.

If you look for his name in google, after watching this video of course, you will find articles that summarize all the prophecies that she made while she was still alive, and I do not lie to you if I tell you that they are not encouraging. To give you a little summary, and save you a little time, she says that in 5079 the world as you know it will be over forever, not without having suffered a lot of famine and diseases of all kinds.

On the internet you can find a chronology of all the super ugly prophecies that await humanity for the next few years, or at least that’s what Baba Vanga said. Considering that Mrs. Vanga has hit 80% of her prophecies. Well, it’s not fun! don’t you think? And that’s all for today! The answer to the riddle, by the way, is the “D” option. Steve Irwin lost his life after being attacked by a stingray while filming a documentary about lethal animals from the ocean. Did you get the answer? Hope so. Before you leave, do not forget to share this video with all your friends so that the family of curious keeps growing, and follow me social networks so that you can learn new curiosities every day. Now look at another of my tops by clicking on those little windows that you see on your screen right now. And let the show continue! See you in the next video! Gooooooooooooodbye! ♪♪♪

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