Sign in series #1: The New Google Sign-in for iOS (Route 85)

Hey so stop me if you’ve heard this before don’t actually stop the video that’s just an expression but using a trusted third party like Google to handle sign-in for your app can be a great benefit for everybody your users don’t have to come up with yet another username and password and you as a developer don’t need to like hire a full-time security team to keep that all safe that said developers had a few concerns with Google’s original sign-in library for iOS your users needed a Google Plus account which not everybody had it was also kind of big and if your users didn’t have the Google+ app installed it would swap them out to Safari in order to complete the sign-in process which was a kind of clunky user experience this also led to some issues during the app review process which is never a good thing but I’m happy to report that we’ve addressed all these concerns with the new Google sign-in library for iOS let’s find out more on this episode of route 85 so let’s imagine you’ve got an app and you want your users to sign in maybe so they can use their account of different devices maybe so they can access their data on your server you know there’s a number of different reasons and while you could certainly deal with this yourself by having your users create their own usernames and passwords and storing them in a database somewhere this can be a hassle particularly if you don’t have a dedicated security team working 24/7 to keep that database safe do you and and know your cats don’t count oh but that is good advice though so from any developers a better option is to let a trusted third party like Google take care of the sign-in work for you your users can sign into Google using an account that they already have and we give you some profile information that you can then use to identify that user for your app and so that’s what you’re looking at here I’m clicking the sign in with Google buttons that I can sign into my account I copy and paste my password so that you people can’t see it I’m on to you I click the accept button and there we go I’m signed in so does this look somewhat familiar I bet you probably does we have had sign-in available for many years now as part of the Google Plus library on iOS but I’m using the new and improved Google sign-in library which comes with a number of improvements that you might not be aware of for starters I can now sign in with any Google account whether or not I’ve signed up for Google Plus with that account now granted if you want to like see my Google+ relationship status or see who’s in my circles or what-have-you you could still do that you’d add some Google Plus scopes to your site and request and then I would need a Google Plus account but if all you’re looking to is just sign a new user so that you can remember who they are and maybe get like their name profile picture just a plain old Google account is all I would need for another thing it’s a lot more lightweight this new signing library is about 1/3 the size of the old one which means there’s less stuff for users to download and you know that’s always a good thing and finally the user experience has been greatly improved with the older version of sign-in signing in involved one of two options you could switch over to the native Google Plus app or you could switch to Safari now using the the native Google+ app wasn’t so bad in fact it was pretty slick it was it was nice but not everybody had that installed which meant that they were stuck with swapping out to Safari and this tended to be a less slick experience and one that sometimes led to rejections during the app approval process and that didn’t just make user said it made developer sad to so with the new version of Google sign-in well first try and switch you over to any native Google app you might be signed into whether that’s Google search or YouTube maps or what have you but if your user doesn’t have any of those installed well that’s not a problem we now slide up the sign-in page in a UI web view right within the application there’s no more switching out to Safari gray oh and both these experiences get a whole lot better in iOS 9 for starters were able to use a safari View controller for the embedded web view which is not only more secure than using the old webview but it also means that if your user has already logged in to Google in Safari they don’t need to do it again when they sign into your app so that hole you enter your username password thing you saw earlier we get to skip that and switching to a native app is now super super slick since iOS 9 is in beta according to Apple’s NDA I’m technically not allowed to show you what it looks like so this picture of a unicorn barfing a rainbow will have to give you a general idea of how great it is but but seriously the whole experience it looks really nice in iOS 9 the team did a really good job I think you’re going to be happy here so I’d get started using Google sign-in you can check out our documentation here please note that the old sign-in experience is still available as part of the Google Plus library and it still sometimes shows up in search results so you want to make sure you’re looking at the documentation with the green header here not this documentation with the red one but hey you can H at the end of this video so you must like videos or or maybe just like me how you doing either way how would I treat you to a little video of my walking through the process of adding Google sign-in to an app come on follow along it’ll be fun as for the rest you if you don’t like screencast that’s okay I’ll still see you soon on route 85 you you

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