Google Pixel 2 First Impressions + Review!

Hey guys Harrison here and if you’ve been following me on social media lately you would have noticed that I’ve got my hands on the new Google pixel 2 – I’ve had about a week to use it and I’ve got a lot to say about it so let’s just jump straight into it so starting with the actual design of the phone and I really I really like it you’ve got the two-tone design on the back glass at the top and then metal down for the rest of the phone just like on some of Google’s other products so something to note is you’re not actually touching metal when you’re holding the pixel 2 – there’s actually a plastic coating all over the back of the phone and personally I think it feels pretty nice but it’s just something to keep in mind also as someone with pretty small hands I really like how the pixel – feels while I’m holding it everything feels nice and compact and because it’s only got a 5-inch screen you’re not gonna have to do that weed shimmy up and down the phone if you’re trying to reach those top corners like you do on some bigger phones there’s a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone right where your finger naturally rests and I can that’s the best spot to put it and it’s also really quick to recognize my finger and unlock so unfortunately what you’re not gonna find on the back of the phone or anywhere else is a headphone jack #donglelife has officially come to the Google pixel and Google makes that even worse by not including a pair of USB C headphones in the box all they’ve got is this USB C to headphone jack adapter and honestly you’re probably gonna end up losing now like I almost have even Apple can include a pair of lightning ear pods into their new phones so Google why can’t you have some USB C earbuds in yours and you know it’s even for you in Australia manufacturers actually have to include a pair of earbuds with their devices so you know what Google did they throw in these beauties and guess what they’ve got that’s right a 3.5 millimeter audio jack thanks so the lack of USB C earbuds or just a headphone jack is pretty annoying but what is good to say is the Google the features of the pixel 2 almost identical to those of the pixel 2 XL and that’s really good because what some manufacturers are doing is making their bigger version more powerful than their smaller version but Google hasn’t done that speaking of features the feature you’ve probably heard the most about has got to be the camera and let me tell you it is incredible so the actual sensor is great and when it’s combined with Google’s HDR plus software and the visual core which is an extra custom processor Google’s included with their phones that literally just magically makes your photos better sometimes the photos you get from this feel too good to be true seriously I’m I’ve had the pixel – less than a week and I’m pretty sure I’ve already taken more photos on it than I ever took on my old phone and that’s just because it’s so easy to whip it out and grab a shot or two I really do think that the whole camera experience is one of the pixel 2’s biggest strengths being able to double press the power button to almost instantly open up the camera having the autofocus to snap onto the subject and then grabbing the shot and all in a second or two happens pretty regularly on this phone and it’s one of the reasons I’m loving it more and more every day there’s some more camera stuff that I’ll just go over briefly so portrait mode works on the front-facing camera as well as the rear camera and when it does work it can produce some really nice results there are still some issues though with edge detection but hopefully that’ll improve with a bit of time I’ve noticed though that sometimes the camera can struggle to identify the subject of the shot for instance I found if they’re wearing a hat or if there’s a bit of a shadow coming across their face it can struggle sometimes what’s annoying though isn’t that it struggles but it’s there if it can’t find the subject properly it won’t tell you and it’ll end up just taking a ton of normal photos instead of those portrait mode photos and it won’t tell you and you won’t realize until you’re looking back over those photos in the 8.1 update Google also added some AR stuff into the camera app what this lets you do is add 3d objects directly into the environment around you through your phone currently there are like some Star Wars and some stranger things stickers and it’s kind of cool for a while but personally I found that it got old pretty quickly and ended up just being sort of gimmicky so that’s it for the photos but I do just want to talk a bit about video Google’s magic touch is here as well and they combine electronic image stabilization with optical image stabilization as well as probably some other tricks and they all end up producing some really really stable videos here are some examples and none of them were easy scenarios but it looks like the Pixel 2 handled them pretty easily the pixel two can also record high frame rate videos at either 120 or 240 FPS at that frame rate the video quality does take a bit of a dive but I reckon the sacrifice in quality can be worth it sometimes for the pretty awesome slow-mo footage you’re getting so Google’s been pushing the Google assistant pretty hard lately and on the pixel 2 it’s only a squeeze away so honestly before coming to the pixel 2 I wasn’t that big of a fan of the Google assistant but it’s been growing on me on the pixel 2 honestly just because it’s so easy to access I found myself using it more and more and it’s actually I found good for seeing things like what’s the weather like what’s on my calendar today or just like questions I’ve got throughout the day and it can search those up for me and chuck me back the answers so that squeeze thing I mentioned before is actually a new feature on the pixels this year and it’s something called active edge and what it lets you do is actually squeeze the size of your phone to launch the Google assistant it’s actually a pretty cool feature they’ve got on the pixels this year it’s just so easy to do while you’re just holding the phone all you’ve got to do is give a little squeeze and it’ll launch the assistant and this is what’s been sort of prompting me to use the assistant more and more just because it’s right there it’s so easy to do it is kind of annoying though because you can’t remap it to anything else all you can do is have it either turned on and squeezed to launch the assistant or have it turned completely off and considering how much hate Samsung got for the Bixby button on their new phones I feel like Google’s gotten off pretty easy for doing pretty much the same thing something really cool though that Google’s added into the assistant on the pixels this year is a thing called Google Lens so you can access Google wins either from within the Photos app or the assistant itself and basically what it’ll do is scan through either the photo or whatever you tap on and it will try and pull information from it and identify what you’ve tapped on and link you to relevant web searches and information that it can pull from online it has some hiccups but it usually works pretty well and it’s actually really good at identifying things like dog breeds and different plants and flowers and stuff and different foods just to name a few another really cool little addition googles added into the pixel 2 is a thing called Now Playing so basically the microphones on the pixel to stay active even if the screens off and if they pick up a song that they recognize they’ll put a little message on to the lock screen with the song title as well as the artist and then you can tap on that message to get a bit of information about the song as well as a link to the music video don’t worry this all happens offline there’s actually a song sort of database on the pixel too and it compares that database to what it’s hearing now to see if it can recognize a song it’s a small addition to the pixel 2 but I really like it it’s pretty good at grabbing songs I’m listening – and even though it hasn’t been able to identify all of the songs it’s done a pretty good job at it and when it has identified them it’s done it pretty well and pretty quickly alright so that’s it for the main points I had but here’s just some other things that I wanted to quickly mention so one of the first things I noticed was actually how good the vibration motor on this phone feels it feels really tight and snappy just like on an iPhone and things like unlocking the phone with the fingerprint reader and typing on the keyboard produce some really satisfying vibrations and they’re just all adding to that feeling of a really premium device so I’ve been getting some really good battery life using this device averaging around 5 to 6 hours of screen on time each day I use it pretty heavily but I’ve still got battery by the end of the day and that’s really impressive to see by some USB C cables so Google only includes one USB C to USBC cable in the pixel 2’s box and you literally can’t use that cable to connect your phone to most devices really you’re not gonna be able to connect it to wall outlets most car charges even like your laptops and computers and stuff so you’re gonna want to make sure that you invest in some USB C to USB A cables so that you can connect the pixel 2 into some other accessories that you’ve got I’ll link a few down but you can also buy them directly from Google so the pixel 2 has fast-charging built in and even though it’s not gonna be as fast as say DASH charging on the oneplus devices is still a lot better than the standard 5 volt charging and you’re gonna notice the difference pretty easily and finally just make sure the update your phone as soon as you can so I was getting sort of weird random reboots on android 8.0 and updating to 8.1 fix those for me and also added in a new saturated mode for the display to make the colors pop a bit more and also enabled the visual core in apps like snapchat and Instagram so picture quality in those pretty much magically goes up after updating to 8.1 so just to wrap up the hardware on the pixel 2 is incredible but it’s the software that Google’s added in over the top that really makes it such an incredible device the camera enhancements have given the pixel 2 the title of best smartphone camera the winner for best camera in a smartphone is Google pixel 2 and they’ve also helped the pixel to to create some incredibly stable video footage not to mention all other little enhancements the Google’s added in this phone is the best that Google has to offer but it does come with a price tag to match 600 bucks unlocked in the United States or just under a thousand Australian dollars for the base model but in my opinion it’s worth it so that rounds up this video thank you for watching I’m gonna have more videos on the pixel 2 coming out in the future so make sure you stay subscribed for those and also don’t forget to follow me on social media if you’ve got any questions on the pixel 2 leave those in the comments down below and I’ll catch ya in the next video

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