Lead Generation Marketing Playbook: Traffic Source and Process of Driving Traffic (2 of 5)

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Chris Njigha hear from ChrisNjigha.com and in this very exciting episode part 2 of our lead generation marketing playbook we are talking about lead generation process alright in other words hey wondering how you’re gonna start getting people to see your stuff when it’s gonna be when you choose a traffic source and you start driving traffic alright so stick around we’re gonna get right down into it so hey if you haven’t already hey definitely give this video like alright definitely subscribe to the channel don’t forget to hit the bell as well – so you can be notified whenever I release new videos on the generation in the next video on the lead generation marketing playbook series all right I’ll decide to help you generate more leads get more sales and your business because if you haven’t known already you will know about it and all these the video series the haters channel is all about empowering you the home-based entrepreneur the mindset and the marketing skill sets they get rise out I start getting you that breakthrough you’re deserve alright alright so let’s get right down into it alright so as we mentioned this is the video – on the lead generation marketing playbook series alright helping you start to put put together the components that you need for a potent lead generation offense alright generate more leads more sales and your business whatever businesses you have alright so the process starts first with choosing a traffic source alright and then driving traffic okay so the big thing is and we mentioned use when you talk about choosing a traffic source the most most likely gonna do social media why because it’s simple its easiest to get started with ready to be capable and once you run the process of that particular platform social media platform and a master date you can really start generating a whole lot of leads a whole lot of leads for your business alright but me one of the biggest challenges and the biggest trucks I know this hit me too that I have to tell you about when you choose your social media platform is this this is the biggest mistake most people make and that is the idea that they have to be on all the social media platforms all at one time okay and then we they see a new training from a new trainer coming out a new guru got a new training on on this platform and Instagram they’re like oh I got to do an Instagram and then they started an Instagram they’re not even on it for a couple weeks right someone comes up with something about Facebook and Facebook ads that’s just you’ve gotta have it they jump over here right and they jump to YouTube and then chill to Twitter and then jumping everywhere and what happens when you’re a jack-of-all-trades you are a master of none my friend and in this series lead generation marketing playbook is about helping you attain mastery really that’s what it is mastery over the lead generation and only way to achieve that is to focus your energy in one place on one platform and stick with it to start getting results and I mean like 10 15 to 20 leads per day every single day that’s how you know you’ve achieved some degree of mastery okay so that’s my biggest recommendations to use the pick one and go with it right so the next part is is choosing the platform okay so I’m gonna go through three of them right now that are really good that are pretty good platforms you can start off with to start generating leads and get sales in your business now right now we’re on my youtube channel right and so as you can see on my youtube channel I’ve got you know a pretty good set amount of videos on here that I’ve been doing alright I think YouTube is a excellent place to start generating leads right because hey are you utilizing video which is a huge medium right now if you’re like well I don’t like doing videos then that’s a whole nother topic but I what I can tell you is that the majority of people interact and do really well and more likely to engage with you you do opt-in to your list get on your email list and buy your stuff they’ve seen you on video okay so that’s why I like YouTube classic it’s number two search engine in the world right so right of course you’re gonna get traffic from that so it’s one of the morning good places to start so let me give you my three-step process for it just for taking advantage and really utilizing YouTube and the most effective manner okay the hope you get started first one is keyword research okay I really can’t emphasize this enough about how important it is to do keyword research now what is keyword research essentially it’s your ability to is searching the marketplace for a particular niche and finding out what keywords people are using to to find what they’re looking for right so YouTube is a search engine people use it to search for things so if you’re in a particularly make you want to know what those keywords they’re using to search for what they’re searching for so you can intercept that with answers and to their questions then hey you know what she’s by the way check out this this this great offer that I got where you couldn’t that can also help you with your problem if that makes sense too often people start doing videos which is cool it’s good that’s a good thing you know it’s a great tool to do videos but then they start doing videos about just anything and whatever and then they put some on YouTube and then nobody watches them and then they don’t generate these and then then they don’t make any sales and they don’t not recruiting anybody into the business and then they’re quick right and all because the very beginning you didn’t talk about people what people actually wanted to talk about so keyword research is important you want to dive more into it I have a whole playlist series on keyword research on my youtube channel that you can check out ok so but I’ll give you a quick crash course on how you can do that the first thing is is that as getting a keyword research tool that’s helpful one of the ones that you can use is Google Keyword planner ok so you can definitely use that um another one that is really really good is YouTube’s search bar I mean just going on the youtube search bar you can find out what’s going on because what’s interesting is let’s say we’re talking about YouTube marketing right and you want to start generating leads from YouTube marketing well you see YouTube marketing is is a keyword is a key word here that people that you can put in but notice all these other keywords that are here right all these keywords are phrases that people are actually searching for when YouTube gives you this this automatic completion it’s basically telling you – hey people are also searching for YouTube marketing 2018 and youtube marketing strategy YouTube marketing tutorial like that’s a thing that people are searching for so this I mean YouTube is giving you all the information here to help you figure out what you should be doing and how what direction you should take your videos another little really awesome tool that you must have and I recommend is a tool called keywords everywhere essentially keywords everywhere is a tool it’s a it’s a 20 call it’s a plug-in kind of not plug-in but like a browser thing that you could put on your browser bed add add-on type of thing that helps tell you like the the amount of searches from each of these keywords so you can see these numbers here you see these numbers it’s basically telling you hey this is how many people are actually searching for this keyword per month it’s a great tool it’s free you definitely want to take it take advantage of that it’s called keywords everywhere this is actually it right here you can see it you can see it here and this is what it looks like when you put it on your browser okay so that’s something you definitely want to have uh then the next step to is keyword placement so what that means is once you decide on your keyword you definitely want to make sure that you put it in three major places as a matter of fact I’ll give you an example with this particular video right here okay so I’ll just click on here and then I will pause it right now let’s say in this particular example the keyword here is affiliate marketing you know flip marketing I think it was a flip marketing blog right or affiliate marketing blogger so as you can see the keyword is in the title okay you must make sure that you have it in your title number two the keyword needs to be in your description as well you see this description here I immediately usually just put it right here so you want to make sure this at least in the first top three o’clock lines of your description of your video because that’s part that’s really important in the optimization of your video okay and the optimization this is what’s called on-page optimization so that YouTube is like okay can associate your video with this particular keyword and then make it so that it shows up in the rankings more likely to show up all right and then the other thing is that you also want is you also want to make sure that you have it in your video tag so you can see video tags here I put it through your marketing blog right so you just knee it for the marketing for bloggers do you see that there oh well actually you can’t actually see it noticed it let’s take this out the way BAM okay right so right here julia marketing blog and feely marketing bloggers okay that’s how you can see that’s the deaths uh you can see the sue now you can see where the keywords are so you definitely wanna make sure that is in your title description and time okay and then step three is generating the leads with videos and how do you do that it’s a call to action you must have a call to action always always always as much as possible but always really write a call to action is basically telling people what they should do next for you in your video they’ve watched these valuable content value a piece of content about how to make money with your affiliate marketing blog what do I want them to do next you want to have a call to action you also could put that call to action in your description here as well right another nice little place that you can put it is in your as a pinned comment right here I’m giving them a call to action to subscribe to my to my youtube channel she definitely want to take a page of those opportunities and this is really how you generate leads with your videos alright so another place that you can generate leads on different other social media platform to drive traffic right and get your how the traffic source is Facebook alright Facebook is awesome it’s great because why there’s a lot of people there all right almost two billion people using Facebook on a monthly basis so that’s a lot of people which means your targeted specific marketing people you want to talk to is on Facebook okay so you definitely want to make take advantage of one place you can do that is on your social media on your main profile right here right so a neat trick that I learned to help generate leads off your Facebook profile is this remember facebook is about connecting and meeting people people are always sending friend requests and things like that so when they send a friend request usually they want to know a little bit more about you and what you’re doing and what you’re up to right cuz Facebook is just like a snoot fest for a lot of people they just Snoopy you just want to know what you’re doing and what you’re up to another a great way to take advantage of that and generate leads from that base simply is to make sure that you have a link that you that is in your cover profile cover photo so if I click right here you can see this photo of my band because that’s you know that’s that’s that’s that’s why I do what I did right and then up here you can see hey what I do I say lifestyle watch for the marker man if you want to learn how to create a life freedom and choices with your family and you as you please this is my best recommendation I put a link here it takes them to like basically will take them to like a capture page where I can generate leads yes okay that’s so you definitely take advantage of that if you have a facebook business page you want to do the same exact thing to put it in that description put a link there so you can generate leads there because people are visiting it and taking a look at it anyway so you might as well meet them where they’re looking all right another thing that you want to do is that when it comes to posting content you want to post the kind of content that will attract the type of people you actually want to work with your perfect prospect right then that means posting our roofer I recommend posting content that’s like that’s more motivational and/or you know one of my best tricks that I that I learned is your fat file and basically what that is is making a list of five things that are really important to you that you want to talk about and talking about those things and rotating through them so you can pick my fat 5 could be family football you know business you know personal development and you know working out Fitness right because I can do those things so that your profile looks like you’re a real person and not just some business entity that is trying to sell people stuff right you want to look real so you just promote the type of content and you get more engagement interaction when you do that ok another thing is then you want to create so if you’re posting something let’s say you post something more businessí and you don’t want to get Pete you don’t want people who are your family and friends list to see you with that stuff could maybe you come to the conclusion that they’re not your target market and then really nice trick is that when you’re posting whatever you’re posting let’s say I’m posting here you can actually go here and and instead of posting it to friends you can create lists specific list of people that will see who that will actually see your content so for example you come here I can say specific friends right right and you can create Alice if ik list of people that will see it like let’s say you just want people or you know businesspeople that did you know more businesspeople you can create a list just that add all those people into that list and be able to follow up with them specifically and posted them specifically so that they’re the only ones who see that content on their profile went from your page right so it’s a really good way if you kind of don’t want to mix up your business with your professional life for your family and friends and things like that so that’s that’s another thing that you can take advantage of Facebook groups is obviously another option that’s really really powerful as a matter of fact I think it’s the most powerful thing you can do right now is creating your own Facebook groups because right now we know that Zuckerberg is all about all about Facebook groups right now it’s all about bringing the communities together and and and and driving communities together so you might as well create a Facebook group you can create it based on anything you want and be able to create valuable content and places where you can bring people along into into your group and that’s another great way to share content and generate leads as well because obviously you could create a post here and like I’ve done here put a link here to get leads for your business see how that works and the great thing is you control everything that’s going on in the Facebook group as well as it’s not limited 5,000 friends like your profile is there’s a lot of advantages of course if we want to run ads you want to create a facebook business page as well so you can see if your business page this is the only way you’d be able to generate leads by by doing paid advertising if that’s something you’re going into I don’t recommend doing it in the beginning though okay and so then the last source of traffic for you that I recommend that you could take a look at or driving traffic a social traffic to get we can deliver valuable content to people and doesn’t generate leads through with a consistent traffic source its Instagram you know I’m not gonna lie to you I haven’t really been using Instagram that much particularly for me it wasn’t I just have it but I’m a man I mean let me tell you Instagram is a powerful powerful medium right now for generating leads one of people are you 1 billion people are on the platform every month now it is what makes it interesting is that people are used to being promoted to and prop buying products and services often Instagram now so it’s like the perfect platform if you’re an entrepreneur you’re a lifestyle marketer you like to showcase life style you’d like to do things like that it’s the perfect platform now what can you post on Instagram to drive traffic to get leads to your bits here to your business well post motivational approach right I just love doing this cream motivational quotes you can post those here and get engagement um another thing you can do is posting results right like let’s say for example you have results of me people that’s one thing that you should never dine yourself on is hey I you generated your first lead and people will down themselves instead of being grateful for having generated that firstly they say well it took me a zillion years to generate that lead hey you should not do that you should celebrate all your victories every picture that you have celebrating it with enthusiasm and post it and let people know because there’s someone out there who doesn’t have the victory that you just had and will follow you follow you and work with you because you generate demonstrating that you can generate and is one neat because they haven’t been able to do it I’m telling you do not be afraid to share your success stories share their results because it is a powerful powerful medium to engage people and get people following you and generate leads and get more cool to cells in your business all right another one examples that I got interviewed by Voyage Houston magazine and I posted actually that was an article right here and got engagement you know so definitely want to do that on one of the best places to get your leads well really the only place it’s right here you buy own right so creating a nice little bio who you want and what she do and how you can help people right and then put a link here to generate leads alright and it is pretty much as simple as that so I hope you enjoyed it hope that hope that makes sense alright that’s it right there this is basically this video to our our new generation marketing playbook right the process of generalizing and using a traffic source and driving traffic okay that’s it’s extremely important to get to get eyeballs on your offers to get eyeballs on what you’re doing so that you can start generating those leads no traffic no leads okay so I hope you enjoyed hope this was helpful gave you some ideas if you did hey definitely give this video a like and subscribe to the channel and oh by the way hey stick around for the next video that’s coming up soon coming up Wilson back side all right about it we’re gonna talk about the third part of lead generation marketing playbook and that is getting these leads creating and generating the leads right and then building your email list from those leads really powerful very exciting can’t wait you know once you once you put this process together you start catching these leads and and following up with them and building your list that’s the exciting part the very language is fun so stick around for that video that’s coming up and all by the way too and my number number one recommended recommended system for marketing and getting your marketing gang up and putting this all together I’ll put that inscription as well check out our check that out – all right so hey this video right here is been on lead generation marketing the Clerc book series right the hague ought to get your lead gen bits offense going hope you enjoyed it until the next exciting episode be blessed stay hungry I see you on the next one bye now

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