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thank you so much first I first thing I want to say is I love you back sit sit sit uh first thing I want to say is clearly my mother snuck in here cuz that fucking intro was ridiculous I’m sorry you had to sit through that fuck Jesus I’ll get to it I’ll get ...to it um okay so I don’t I don’t have unlimited time so I want to get right into it couple things I want to talk about first and foremost I’m so fired up to be here I’ve never spoken in this market so thank you so much for the warm welcome to be very frank the thing that I’m thinking most about when I think about the lineup of speakers is why are you here write to me when you speak what matters most is can you bring value to the audience and so I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this speech of like what can I really touch on that isn’t available for free online that isn’t something you’ve seen or heard before and the reality is is that’s a difficult challenge in a world where very honestly there’s not a lot that I believe in there’s only four to six to nine things that I really trade on and those are the things that I want to really reinforce first and foremost the biggest thing that I want to make sure that everybody understands more than anything if you know I just had a really fun strategy session with a bunch of people and and when I think about what it was that we just talked about for the last couple hours is the fact that the matter is this I truly believe that every single person here today including myself are grossly under estimating how special today is how special this era of the internet at maturity is how special the opportunity is what what is remarkable to me this morning is that there is never and I mean this now if you’re somebody who watches cable news all day you may not agree with me but it is my absolute deep belief that this is the greatest era to be alive in human race and I’ll tell you why this internet thing it’s bigger than you think this internet thing when you’re older when our great-great grandkids judge us and how we navigated through this era this internet thing is a much bigger deal than we’ve been able to comprehend the Internet not Facebook not social media not Instagram not podcasting the Internet is the single biggest invention that has ever happened to the human race and we being in it in the first couple decades of it are struggling to understand how big of a deal it is what I am completely fucking blown away by is that there is nobody and I mean nobody who is a gatekeeper to the game anymore what is amazing to me is that our great-great grandparents our great-grandparents and our grandparents would laugh at the shit that we cry about the amount of people that get upset that Instagram and Facebook changed their algorithm and cry about it is fucking ludicrous it’s free Facebook and Instagram are free and we sit and cry about the change in an algorithm here’s where I’m at for this entire room the one thing that connects all of us whether you’re an entrepreneur whether you work somewhere whether you’re fucking thrilled whether you’re devastated the one thing that connects all of us is that for us to take the step in what we’re trying to achieve whether its financial whether its legacy whatever it may be the one thing that connects us is we have to trade on attention the thing that I desperately want everybody to leave this talk with is understanding that attention is just like real estate and that attention is the gateway drug to everything you want period before you can tell me how great you are how awesome what you’re selling is you need my attention before you can tell me anything you need my attention what everybody in this needs to wrap their head around is that this device owns the attention of our society you may be upset about it you might be sad that when you go out people aren’t talking to each other you can do whatever the fuck you want it doesn’t change the fact that this has the attention and if you are sitting in this room today and you have not figured out how to put written words audio or video into the platforms that sit on top of this you were fundamentally irrelevant and so when you think about sitting here and standing here look I have no interest in inspiring you for an hour and getting you pumped and then next Thursday you don’t do shit about it that’s not interesting to me I’ll be very frank even with all these faces in the audience I’m looking for one person who understands that this is such a remarkable time and that you need to go harder at it let me tell you let me tell you let me tell you the thing that upset me most in my intro I’m extremely proud maybe more than anything that I went into my family business and built my family business for my family I’m proud I love when people try to razz on me easy for you you you were handed a three million dollars when they don’t know my story what I was handed was my dad had a liquor store doing three million dollars a year on 10% profit and what I did was worked my face off 17 hours a day from 22 to 34 building my dad’s business for my dad and my mom and at 34 years old I left Wine Library day-to-day with zero percent equity in Wine Library and no money in my bank that’s what I did I’m proud you know if you’re if you’re a child of an immigrant or great parents nothing is better than settling the score with your parents so that’s like I wish I don’t you can’t zoom in but the goose bump can you just confirm this like real fucking goose bumps the best meanwhile when the intro came up the gentleman said he grew his dad’s business from 4 to 60 million true nice solid accomplishment also my greatest regret if I could do it again business-wise I would have built wine library from a four to A 250 million dollar business and at same time let me tell you why and let me tell you why it’s the only thing you need to pay attention to in my entire talk let me break this down get your fucking attention up right now I don’t know if you like taking notes I don’t know how you like to consume it but I promise you what I’m going to explain for next three minutes is the fucking game right now I built my dad’s business from four to sixty million dollars with no money the business was doing four million dollars four hundred four hundred thousand and profit before expenses we literally had no money right you pay people you pay your rent like nothing my first year marketing budget in building Wine Library was $14,000 for the year in marketing I was able to build it in such a big way for three core reasons in 1996 nobody had a website that was a good idea number two I started an email newsletter in you know for the youngsters in here you know it’s hard to understand but you have to understand people didn’t even know their own email when they would come into the wine store I’ve asked him do you want to be in the email list they’d be like yeah I’m like what’s your email they’re like AOL at yahoo.com I’m like no fucker like this was early this was early but I started an email newsletter how many people here have done email marketing in their career raise your hand I had 91% open rates on my email newsletter in nineteen ninety seven and eight why not cuz it was such good content all it said was by this fuckin Merlot it was cuz nobody else was emailing and I bought that real estate cheap because nobody else was doing it and then the final point of why I really exploded my business was the day that Google AdWords came out I bought Google AdWords for my dad’s business so I was the first result for wine and Cabernet and Napa Valley and while everybody else was doing direct mail and advertising in magazines and radio I was winning Google which went on to become Google got it let me now explain to you the number one mistake every person in this audience is making right now including me who’s supposed to be fancy at this every person in this place is not producing enough content for social media and is not spending enough money on social media ads every person in here is not producing enough content and not spending enough ad money on social media because you have to understand what’s about to happen let me explain it real simple right now buying ads on Instagram and Facebook which is something everybody in here should be doing at scale and please don’t be that person that has run Facebook and Instagram ads and not gotten results and deemed it not working the ROI of a basketball to me is zero the ROI of a basketball to LeBron is billions of dollars if you have not fig how many people here and let’s be honest with each other how many people here have run Facebook or Instagram ads and it hasn’t worked raise your hand actually stand up I want everybody see this don’t be lazy do this for everybody watch this keep going don’t sit down yet everybody look around all these people suck I’m kidding I’m kidding sit down sit down guys please understand this truth everybody that stood up and I’m not joking you haven’t made Instagram and Facebook ads work for you because you either hired somebody who’s not good at it or you’re not good at it this debate is not a debate they work and they work so well that it’s scary so scary that the fucking founder has to sit in front of Congress seriously I I’m laughing at people people go out to dinner with me old CEOs and yell at me for the first 30 minutes that Facebook’s killing our democracy and then the next thirty minutes tell me that it doesn’t sell shit like everybody’s so scared of it yet you don’t think it works to sell shit guys this is the most powerful ad product we have seen since the early days of television commercials so when I see that many people stand up please get educated please and you have thirst and why it’s so awesome you can run twenty five and fifty dollars at a time to get a sense of if it’s working also the biggest mistake in this room is you’re confused between the business of branding and selling the number one basic issue in business right now that I’ve been blown away by because it came natural to me in like oh fuck wait a minute people are confusing branding and selling the amount of people that just stood up that it didn’t work for they spent money to make a transaction it didn’t happen they stood up and said it didn’t work what they don’t realize is first of all the creative is the variable if I stand up here today I’ve got all of your attention that’s a victory if this keynote sucks shit I’ve accomplished nothing I’ve accomplished negative impact if you leave here disappointed of like he’s not that good live and he’s stupid I lost this was a waste of time that’s just like an ad you can get in front of me at a good price but if you’re trying to sell me too hard and you come off like a douchebag you’ve lost if you haven’t convinced me why your banana jelly is better than summat Jesus I swear the shit come from the fuck is banana gently somebody’s gonna fuckin start a banana jelly company here I know it if you haven’t convinced me that your banana jelly is better than my competitors banana jelly then you’re not gonna buy it please understand this let me break it down very simply it’s why I set it up is the most important thing everybody here needs to spend money whether you’re a lawyer financial advisor sports trainer nutritionist you use you have a concrete if your company paves people’s fucking driveways you need to run Facebook and Instagram ads it is the most underpriced attention in our society and let me tell you why as I stand here today and regret not spending more money on Google Adwords everybody in here will regret in four years I promise you if nothing else I’m being very selfish right now in this advice I’m being very selfish I’m making a very big deal that you’re not spending enough money in this platform because I want you to remember in four years when you don’t spend enough money in this platform and you actually have your Eureka moment and realize how right I was I want you to remember of fuck I should have listened to Gary Vee in Florida right now Facebook and Instagram ads run between 3 and $8 CPMs between 3 and 8 dollars you can get in front of a thousand people screams not a thousand see it you know how you roll through your scream over the next five years when the biggest companies in the world like Nike and BMW and IBM when they really realize how bad television commercials are and how good this is they’re gonna pour their money in what is gonna happen the same shit that happened to me on Google I used to buy the word wine and Cabernet and Pinot Noir for five cents a click now it’s four and eleven and $18 a click that shit adds up at the same token the way the ads work is gonna decline in the beginning when I was running Facebook and Instagram three years ago it did better than it does now cuz you’re getting more shit now and you’re starting to tune it out open rates on email went from 90% to 30% this is one big game of cops and robbers this is one big game of cat and mouse when everybody here figures out that they should be doing it and everybody does it it becomes more noise and that’s the fucking game right now what you’re doing with your allocation of content and ads spent on Facebook and Instagram is the same thing that happens in real estate when somebody knows they need to buy or debate it to buy something in a hot up-and-coming area they don’t their friends did it went to up it happened then they get sad they get another chance to invest for a hundred fifty thousand more but because they fucked up and passed at 150 thousand less they say no again six months later it keeps blowing up now it’s up three hundred thousand now you’re like fuck again because you’ve passed twice this is the story of uber for me I passed on goobers angel round twice twice how many people have read or have crush it my first book if you go back and look at it I acknowledge in the acknowledgments I thanked my family and one random person Travis the co-founder of uber that’s it I passed on one of my best business friend’s startup twice at a four million dollar valuation and he was one of my best buds and it went on to become goober I was writing twenty five and fifty thousand dollar checks back then if I wrote one of my normal checks back then into her that investment would have paid me four hundred million dollars I’m not sad I’m not I’m being dead serious I don’t give a fuck about the money I give a fuck about the freedom of playing the game understand if you’re a true bread entrepreneur in this audience you’re not in it for the money you’re in it for the game I actually loved that I passed on over twice I’m being serious the quickest tell for me in five minutes when I hang with somebody if they’re true bread or if they’re not is are they in it for the game or do they want to buy a watch so here’s the story of uber though I used to pass on investments they would blow up a little bit and that I wouldn’t invest again because I was salty because I passed on it at four and now I didn’t want to put money at it at 60 I had learned that lesson and thank God because when uber came back around I did invest in it not as early in this crazy but I made a lot a lot of money and made the right decision cuz I left my emotions out of the table got it a lot of you are not going on social media harder because some of your friends have more followers and you don’t have the humility to start now and start at a low base you’re not doing it because you tried it and it’s not worked in the past and you don’t get it what is happening right now is very simple attention is the only thing that matters for anything you try to do there’s a reason I was born in the Soviet Union right I know you know last night I hung out with a bunch of great people from Venezuela right this is actually fun who’s from Chicago who’s from Sweden this is for Anna who’s from Texas all right Jersey yeah all right anyway Belarus grandpa my friends I very little to say life is basic 99% of this audience is doing shit because they value somebody else’s opinion more than their own if i sat down with all of you one by one I could figure out every dumb thing you’re doing and trace it back to you’re doing it to impress somebody or to prove somebody wrong it’s the biggest mistake you can make and if you leave here with anything the second you can get quiet in here and stop worrying about the judgement of others the second shit starts actually happening that gets even harder in today’s new world of living publicly it’s true now I like the motivation of a chip on his shoulder I love that I post my report card and I was ranked 243 out of 254 in my entire class and I find it really fun and exciting that my mission now is to create more wealth and success than the rest of my fucking class combined but that shouldn’t be the reason you do things right and so there’s a couple things that I want to break through in this meeting today number one is why do you do what you do because way too many people are doing it from a place of defense and I’m trying to figure out every day how to produce content or have a conversation of getting you to do it for yourself for yourself how many people saw rocky for the Russian one super interesting and has nothing to do with the fact that I was born in Belarus and former Soviet it’s a very different reason why I like this moment in the end of that movie the most interesting part is what Drago says after he loses rocky wins and then they take the mic and you know rocky does the whole like we can be friends shit which worked for a few minutes but what was way more important is what Drago said which is he said I didn’t fight rocky for this country I fought him for myself and I was a young kid when that movie came out and it is stuck with me forever some of you consume my content and know I talk a lot about I don’t care what you think about my losses my L is my L you’re more than welcome to leave a comment and clown on me when I fail on something when something doesn’t work out I have good news for you I don’t give a fuck what you have to say in the session I just had we were talking about this shit and I was like look cuz I think Facebook and Instagram is so underpriced and I want you to pour money into it I’m trying to convince people to sell their homes and live in an apartment and take the money and reinvest in their business because nobody takes advantage of all six of their bedrooms when they buy a six bedroom home we live in three fucking rooms everybody’s doing shit for the outside you wear the clothes for the outside you floss you front and it’s the biggest fucking mistake you make I’ve been inside my own head for a long time on the back of really good parenting and circumstance the great advantage of being born with nothing and being an immigrant is you told and you are told from the get that you suck and you lost and that is the advantage the disadvantage is entitlement how many people here have kids raise your hand cool you want to do a real favor for your kids stop protecting them 8th place trophies leads to dumb shit losing my whole life is the greatest fuckin thing that happened I cried every time my mom was happy about it this is a very simple binary game in life and in business you are either on the offense or you’re on the defense way too many of you are sitting here right now and thinking you’re in the middle there is no middle you’re either going backwards or you’re going forwards there’s no fucking neutral in the way that we live this to me education is the game but not the way it’s packaged in our society today fuck school the way we have it now fuck it that doesn’t mean education is not the game what did I do in the first seven minutes of my talk here I’m trying to educate listen to me fuckers listen carefully if you’re not producing words videos or pictures for Instagram Facebook podcasting YouTube LinkedIn and that world you don’t fucking exist nor does your business listen listen and do not have the wrong KPI it’s not how many likes or followers you have I have a funny feeling here if you got one follower and one like but you were getting what you wanted for the content that you put out financially or emotionally you’d be super happy do not get caught up in the micro game of social people always roll up to me like I have a million followers I’m like so like what are you doing with that attention what are you trying to accomplish and what is your goal and by the way you want to make money Mazel Tov you want to change the world Mazel Tov I have no interest in judging your ambition my interest is in are you relevant in May 2018 are you relevant in May 2018 I don’t care what people was garyvee what’s the next fucking big platform I don’t know dick I’m not fucking Nostradamus up here I don’t know what the next big platform is I know what platform is working right now I know that YouTube is working right now I know the Facebook’s working right now I know that none of you because if I’m not all in with somebody who’s got 22 full-time employees now up from one in three years working on my content if I know in my heart that I’m pouring millions and have 22 full-time people making written words audio and video and I can feel it as I stand on the stage that I’m not even close to putting in enough chips the fuck are you doing this is the most selfish keynote I’ve ever given I’m being serious I am putting a deep deep fucking flag in the ground telling you right now that if you post once a day on Instagram make it four if you don’t post on Twitter start if you stopped posting on snapchat stories cuz Instagram has that feature too you’re a fucking idiot and guess what all of you did it attention is the asset everything you aspire for why am i building vaynermedia I’m building it cuz I want to build an attention Deathstar and if I need to point that at curing a disease that my mom gets one day or helping my best friend become the governor of Florida or to sell sneakers or to make all of you a Jets fan even though you don’t know it’s what I’m doing to you right now that’s fine go look at my post three posts ago on Instagram I love when you fucking boo me dicks don’t get it twisted negative reinforcement is the strength fake positivity leads to an awfully bad place here and that’s what’s going on in the system really your self-esteem is wrapped up in how many likes you get really this is no question the second best time in the internet era in the last 20 years and it lives on three apps four apps on this phone and none of us are doing enough reps more reps I don’t care what the history of your content and ads have been on these platforms whatever it was is yesterday get yourself educated go home go on google and type in how do I run Instagram ads go home go on Google and run how do I run pre-roll YouTube ads based on people’s google search query go home and DM 100 influencers on Instagram and ask them how much it costs for them to give you a shout-out for whatever the fuck you’re selling the quicker you become a practitioner do you know many people in this room have opinions on Facebook and Instagram ads but I’ve never run one too much headline reading not enough fucking doing I can’t say it enough the reason this is the most selfish keynote I’ve ever given is because I’m putting a flag in the ground and telling you that everybody in this room needs to do way more content on these social networks because it is where the attention is its where the underpriced attention is and there’s 100 percent how you’re gonna get to where you want to get to period end of story there is no advertising there’s content put in front of people that create an event and I Justin trying as you can tell in this talk to squeeze the shit out of it because let me educate you in non-tuition form who was the biggest advertiser in Google AdWords in the first five or six years of the platform Amazon Amazon today no question is one of the one two or three most powerful companies in the world on the back of amazing things that Bezos did but do not get confused the most important one he and it bet heavy on underpriced attention you know who else bet on underpriced attention Mohammed Ali you know who else Elvis Presley and the Beatles and basically everybody else you know you know why you know who Martin Luther King is because he was a media savant there was a lot of pit bull spit and truth he just knew how to get the cameras to capture it please get smart here today please get smart here today because while you’re judging all those people that are winning while you’re judging the Paul brothers while you’re judging the Fitness influencers on Instagram while you sit and fucking judge people are gobbling up real estate of attention and are gonna execute on what they want so you can have all the fun you want judging there’s a small group out there that’s executing I am trying to convince one person in this room to start executing one just one of the ten thousand of you I don’t need all of you one how many people are gonna be in a play you know how many of you are winning at some level but you’re not reinvesting your money into it this is the greatest thira instead of the hundred thousand and profit that you’re making going into another vacation or a fucking supreme bag what about putting that money into more Instagram ads and Facebook ads cuz I’m not trying to buy a Porsche I’m trying to buy the Porsche fucking company now that’s me I’m not trying to impose my ambitions or what I want to do in my career on you I’m just trying to get you to understand one truth there is one reason I stand up here it’s because I was parented extremely well but the execution underneath that is because I’ve always had one religion not money I’ve had the religion of attention because if you have the attention you can do anything do you know why Pete it II sits on the spear that he sits on because when TRL had the attention of every teenager in America he used to run from his bad-boy office and crash Carson Daly set every day cuz he’s smart you know why Will Smith is doing what he’s doing on Instagram right now cuz he’s smart because being a big movie star isn’t the same thing it was 20 years ago it doesn’t carry the same attention my friends it’s happened the Internet is here you may not want want to put in the work that’s fine but it’s just like Fitness you can’t read about doing push-ups you got to do I’m gonna leave you with this cuz they’re buzzing me off I’m gonna leave you with this no don’t cheer remember I like the boos I’ll just leave right the fuck now okay let me just push the shit like this guys here’s where I’m at four hundred trillions one I know some of you know I’m obsessed with this I can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s basically impossible to become a human being there’s nothing you’ll ever do that it’s more remarkable or harder than actually being lucky enough to end like you can’t imagine the math behind you actually being a person my question is since you’ve won the ultimate lottery like what are you doing about it because way too many people in this room are dwelling about yesterday that shit’s over and so if I can leave you with anything it’s very high and low I’ve spent a good amount of my conversation here pushing you very aggressively to something practical wasn’t here to rah-rah and tell you like the one fucking thing run some fucking ads make more content dick that’s what I’m here to say but but because I genuinely believe that optimism is a strategy I just desperately need you to know that no matter what you complain about your grandparents had it worse no matter what the fucks about to come out of your mouth your grandparents had it worse and if you don’t take advantage if you’re not winning right now in this new world you really suck and you need to face that truth you need to go home look in the mirror if you’re not pumped if you’re not winning by whatever your definition is I’m telling you this will help you this I’m not trying to razz you I fucking want you to win it doesn’t come out of my expense I need you to win I want you to win why not if you’re not winning right now you’re really losing you’re losing more than anybody’s ever lost and I know that might be like I get it it’s a little bit of a curveball but here’s why I need you to hear it nobody is stopping you there’s no man there’s no system there’s no government there’s nothing it’s fuckin here I’m telling you it’s fucking here the internet doesn’t give a fuck what your granddad’s last name is the internet doesn’t give a fuck where you came from doesn’t fucking care about your zip code it doesn’t care about anything execute on this fucking thing and realize nobody’s stopping you because what excuses are is the drug to not do and I need people to leave complaining you know why I have a happy life and I’m gonna leave you at this I don’t complain because I don’t expect anything from anybody right like expectations are a disaster get it out of the system go educate yourself and whether you’re selling a t-shirt or a lifestyle brand or your thoughts on real estate whatever you’re up to Facebook Instagram Facebook Instagram YouTube Facebook Instagram LinkedIn YouTube Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn podcast this is real no matter how you’re winning in direct mail or cold calling or bulk email or whatever the fuck you’re doing no matter how you’re winning there because I do all those things and understand them the fertile ground is much greater here and when you become a practitioner of it and you understand how it works the ROI becomes disproportionately powerful and I promise you it is going away by the minute because the second Budweiser and Nike actually I’m gonna leave with this how many people here how many people here now basically outside of live sports watch Netflix stand up stand up if you’re basically OTT Netflix Hulu Amazon this is fuckin staggering I need everybody in the front please don’t sit down yet I need everybody in front to look at what I’m looking at guys ABC and CBS and ESPN are out of business it’s already over eighty billion dollars you can sit because I got a wrap-up eighty billion dollars in television commercials and nobody fuckin watches them over the next three or four to five years the biggest companies in the world are gonna understand that that money is gonna go into the shit that I just told you about that’s gonna mean the ads that you’re gonna run are gonna go from $4 to $80 and you’re not gonna be able to compete with coca-cola and BMW so please heed what I told you take your romance or your subjective point of view or you being romantic about how the world used to be and shove that shit in the garbage and get the fucking work one life do something about it sorry

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