I/O ’17 Guide – Google Assistant

oh hey welcome to my living room I’m just kidding we’re still at i/o 2017 and Here I am with Spence and the kill and we’re going to talk about assistant Spence what’s going on in this room we have a living room set up you’re actually hanging out in our living room we’ve got a Google home set up with a bunch of very cool home devices so you can control all of these devices is your voice yes yes I can okay which one what do you got we’ve got a television which is the necessity of course we have a fan we’ve got a thermostat two lights speakers and even in the air purifier awesome can we turn on the fan let’s try that hey Google turn on the fan and living room really though hey Google please turn off the fan so much fun what’s happening over here is Google home is basically connected to Jeannie vlogs for the fan and it’s going to get to honeywell for the thermostat and so it’s able to understand your query you know able to understand what the user’s intent is convert it into a kind of structured form that we can communicate out to Honeywell or Jeannie and actually move files action so it’s going over the cloud it’s going over Wi-Fi and actually getting things done that’s very cool see is there anything else we want to try your LAN it’s blue right now let’s go for hey Google turn the lights red in the living room that’s amazing yeah whatever the party calls for work it works we also have an air purifier and TV if we can have some fun in the living room it’s the living room of the future Wayne come on over here and tell me about the developer angle with all of this stuff what are what our developers are able to interact with yeah well the nice thing is that i/o here we’ve announced the smart home API so it allows developers to build their own devices and they’ve got their cloud we’ve got an SDK that allows you to plug in really easily so all these device makers were able to easily integrate their devices like lightbulbs and thermostats in with our ecosystem so it can be controlled easily and the nice thing is that Google home takes care of all the speech recognition all the natural language understanding and you just get simple commands to your light bulbs that tell you what to do turn it off changes color or whatever so it’s really easy we’ve got open source samples that show how to build a virtual light bulb and then you basically just hook that in your existing infrastructure you’re good to go so it’s actually really simple and we’re adding new API is all the time for different kinds of devices so we got a couple here but there’s plenty more coming awesome well hey let’s say let’s just hang out watch the game shall we oh yeah let’s do that it’s vintage

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