Google Pixel 2/2XL. WTF?

Hi everyone! Here is a new video in Keddr It is next Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL I woke up in the morning, the reason was a rumble in twitter! Twitter users was discuusing a Google. Which type of weed they are smoking in Google Actually, I was dissapointed. After that, the first Google Pixel looks better. Even it was not so popular in design then. It is very sad. Probably it press render. It is not a fake The deal is that, this year was fertile for a best looking smartphones For instance, Samsung Galaxy S8 After that has been announced Note 8, which is more attractive than S8 in my opinion We had a chance to see beatiful smartphone from LG, LG V30, which is again more attractive than a flagship from a company And finally iPhone X He is beatiful And coming 4th of October, Google is going to tell us what did they smoke when created ‘this’ I’m apologize, if I hurt someone’s feelings.

Because probable one could seen the new Pixel is attractive I will tell you about Pixel more, since not only design was leaked There will be 2 main smartphones, these are Google Pixel 2 and 2XL Pixel 2 will be assembled by Htc and XL by LG It is expected that Pixel 2 will be functionally the same as U11 by Htc Edge Sense not so big display under 5.5 inches and likely with normal display aspect ratio Ofcourse, high perfomance hardware Processor Snapdragon 835, powerful graphics and 4 GB of RAM And 64 or 128 of memory versions Also they promise a good set of colors **#*### Blue Just Black And Clear White Let’s see how much it will cost 64 GB memory version for $649 without taxes And $749 for 128 GB of memory version And you reasonably think It is expensive even it is flagship by Google Okayy… we still have a naked Android(no TouchWiz) on the other hand And then you look on Pixel 2XL that is assembled by LG Everything is ok, except the screen ratio rounded display corners OLED and 6 inches And what is interesting there will be an Edge Sense feature Black colored model is terrible, but we have black and white colored smartphone with a RED pushbutton as an apple watch has by the way, LG is uncommon by making uncommon buttons, in the form of letter G Don’t laugh, this smartphone has a G spot.

It is button G Same amount of memory is there but not the price $849 for 64 GB of memory And $949 for 128 GB of memory And all this without taxes So, eventually most expensive smarpthone would cost above $1000 And here you understand that IPhone X in terms of price more preferable Seriously, I don’t understand this move At first, other smartphones also good, and a naked Android(no TouchWiz) is not an advatage Other’s also have comfortable shell And if you about appearance, you can change it It is Android In addition both versions will have only 1 main cameras for each Good cameras? One camera I admit that I do not understand Google’s position What they will announce on the 4th of October To force you to buy their new smartphone For all my love to naked Android I do not know what can happen that I will dare to buy new Pixel 2XL for $1000 whereas I can buy better smartphone in terms of features, for instance, Note8 with stylus, water protection and second camera or being greedy and nuy S8 Plus At least, I can buy iPhone X In general friends, comment what do you think about design and price of new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL I hope this images are only fake ones And real new Pixel would be a white swan with two cameras and we all will be happy! If these are real renders, Would You Buy? Thank you for everyone, Bye!

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