Lost in Google – ep. 1 – Forever Alone #lostingoogle

Have you ever tried searching Google in Google? He-e-e-e-l-p m-e-e-e-e. It’s been a month since he disappeared. He’ll be dead by now… Hurry up! I want Jackal’s series! We want the next episodeeee! Only a single episode? Proxy. You would like me to believe that Simone has disappeared… …after searching Google in Google? It is all my fault. It is all my fault. Proxy, are you listening to me? We were talking about it barely a second earlier. I am sure something’s happened, something horrible. Such a thing is…

Absurd. People don’t just disappear in a jiffy. Search engines do not swallow people like it’s normal. What you’re telling me seems like a gigantic bullshit and… Why are you eating a banana? I think the girl should eat a banana in the second episode. They wrote it in the comments. Which comments? The comments to the video. Down here. What do you mean “Your Comments used and selected to make the second episode?” I’m scared! We do what they tell us to do. Okay, you’re obviously in shock. Stay here. I’ll search for Simone on my own. You… Ehm… finish eating the banana. The “Break to the Future” poster is amazing! My Google’s broken! And so it was that 17730 morons typed “Google” in Google (and were disappointed because nothing happened). He’ll end up in some Tron-like kinda place. Pedobear, please head toward the exit door. Pedobear, please head toward the exit door. An idea for the second episode? He’s in a waiting room with a lady calling the names that people often search. Oh! Everything all right? You look so shaken up.

Anyway, nice to meet you. Claudio Di Biagio. Since I am a revolting repressed nerd, I know I’ll love this series even more than I love Freaks. Haha, respect! Where are we? What do you mean “Where are we”? We’re inside Google. Even better: Google’s lobby, to be precise. Which is even cooler, right? I don’t understand. I… A naked Belen Rodriguez. Repeating: a naked Belen Rodriguez. Let me explain. Basically here you can find all the most searched things on Google. So, there are the cute cats. A lot of people looking for cute cats, I don’t know why. There’s porn. And here you have troll face. Then you find corrupt politicians; the two girl who ate poo and kissed each other.

There are Gigione & Jo Donatello and many more. And lastly here we are: the web stars. Silvio Berlusconi. Silvio Berlusconi. Why do the communists keep looking for me? What more do they want of me? Terrorists! How do I get out of here? Oh, look, it’s extremely easy. Essentially you have to become cool, you need to become someone who’s searched by many people. Hundreds, thousands of people. They must click. There must be searches about your name. You need to become hot! A cool one! Just like I am. As a matter of fact, listen, they’re about to call me. Willwoosh. So embarassing. Wake up, Proxy. Can you read me? .

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