Journey to Rank #1 on Google – Number 1 Traffic Earner | SEO 2019

The series continues. Journey to rank number one for zip codes. Some super exciting stuff happening since the last video which was only maybe a week ago. We have landed on page one or top of page two for Las Vegas Zip Code as an average. Based on the device and the location and all that it’s going to be different. But what I did see immediately was a spike in traffic and I took the number one spot for web traffic in Las Vegas. I’m now jockeying with that number one position with two others she has it one day, he has it one day. I have it one day but now that I’m in the running again for zip codes I’m also taking that top spot so traffic immediately increased and got some cool stuff coming here.

Let me go back to the dashboard. So you can see again what the benefit is. This is the website we’re working on today. We went up 18.07% organic traffic. Pretty huge so now we have the same problem we did have. We’re still having this problem with this cannibalization happening of the child pages. What we know is that it’s working. As we are removing, we’re doing redirects from the child pages and passing that link flow to the parent page It’s working we now have our head term in the running the problem is it’s the keyword is still bouncing around between child pages so let me show you what I mean.

Let’s go to view full report. If we were to look at Las Vegas zip code it’s the wrong page ranking. Let me click that and so what happened is it bounced again to another child page it’s crazy. I know it’s because these child pages are less competitive. It’s obvious that’s why I don’t think it has anything to do with quality of the parent page I think it’s just as soon as it bounces one of these smaller pages they get a better response because people are googling like Northwest Las Vegas zip code and finding this page and they’re interacting and and they’re engaging immediately and so that’s why. What we want to see is once we do redirects on all these child pages, where does it go after that we’re hoping and eventually lands in that top one. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to open the goal page again.

We’re going to make sure that we already have Northwest Zip Codes on this page so that we’re not deleting content. We want to make sure we have no links going to that Northwest page, we do not. We’re okay to do a redirect. All we’re going to do is take this page here That’s interesting I can actually do the redirect from the Northwest Las Vegas and I could shoot them down to the exact spot on the page that has Northwest but actually I’m not going to do that either because what we’re trying to do is redirect the parent. The main keyword the head term Las Vegas Zip Code so let me just take that. I am going to take Northwest Las Vegas let’s do edit showcase we are getting there one to redirect at a time weren’t we. We’re going to scroll all the way down and we are going to get to our redirect. Make redirect active.

Click the button then we’re to view the page we’re going to make sure this now goes to that parent page. Remember that what the redirect does is it leaves the page intact the page is still on our website in case we ever want to go back to it we’re not deleting anything . We’re simply adding one strain that creates a redirect that says hey Google if anybody finds this link going over here to the Northwest Las Vegas zip code page I want it to redirect and go to the parent Greater Las Vegas zip code page but it doesn’t delete the first one, It just takes them around it so that way we’ve got some room to make changes later should we decide to do so. That’s what we’re going to do today now what’s fascinating to me is that we are seeing some increase in other terms DMV I was looking at this the other day and seeing some other ones that are rising up and I think it may be related to that parent page climbing and some of the other pages are not benefiting so we’re going to continue to watch that as this climbs but that was our focus for today I’m going to go back and work on our other series in a minute.

Thank you for joining me with journey to rank number one for Las Vegas Zip Codes on Google. It is working let’s continue with the process. I’m Lori Ballen. .

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