iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2: Should you switch? (iOS vs Android + Pixel 2 XL Unboxing)

– Hey, that’s me, I’m Stephen. You might be wondering what we’re doing up here. It’s ’cause I needed an excuse to use my drone. But the reason we’re watching this video is down there. That’s right, I want to talk about our smartphones, the thing we use every single day. At work, at school, for fun. We use them so much, probably too much. Normally, I’d get an iPhone. It’s an easy decision, but this year – (record screech) I might switch it up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone. I’ve used an iPhone since the iPhone 3GS. It’s been a while and it’s been the only smartphone that I’ve ever owned in my life. So yes, switching to Android would be a pretty big deal.

And I get it. People with iPhones, we got iMessage, we got FaceTime. It just works always, pretty much. And on top of that, iPhones, just, like, the apps, developers still seem, even if they have an Android app and an iPhone app, they still seem to focus more on the iPhone app and then the Android app is kind of an extra. So even with those three things, I guess that’s the question and the point of this video. Why would I still consider switching to the Google Pixel? I definitely have some reasons that I want to run by you guys, but first, let me tell you a story. So the other day, I was talking with some of my friends.

We were like, “Oh, look. It’s iPhone season. “Oh wait, that’s the iPhone 8? “It looks like it should be the iPhone 7S. “Oh wait, there’s another iPhone coming out? “It’s the iPhone X, actually it’s the iPhone 10, “but everyone calls it the iPhone X, blah blah blah.” That’s how the conversation was going. And at that point, I was like, wait a minute. Hold the phone. Literally. I might be getting an Android phone this year. I kid you not, at least one of my friends laughed when I said that.

So when I asked her, “why did you laugh when I said “I might be getting an Android phone this year?” She was like, “well, the picture quality”. That was her first reason for not getting an Android phone was the picture quality. Okay. What about that one? Android phones did not used to have the best of picture quality, but that was like 10 years ago, or less. Like, we’ll even give it five years ago. But just like iOS and the iPhone, Android’s come a long way since not having, you know, good pictures.

So when I explained this to her, she was like, “okay, well, I mean Android phones are just slow. The iPhone’s faster.” This was super interesting to me because I am someone who, I love paying attention to all the new technology but her, she’s probably just like a normal consumer. Not really following the news in that world. She has her iPhone, she’s happy. I think because of this, Google does have a very interesting challenge of convincing people to get Android and that’s kind of, I think, why they started making their own phone. Apple has been successful because they make hardware and software, everybody knows this, they put it together and it’s magical. So what would Google’s new formula be? There’s hardware, there’s software. We make both of them, put it together? Magical.

It wasn’t until last year, when Google made their first phone, called the Pixel, that I really considered, like, maybe switching. The Pixel 2 was literally released yesterday, okay. I saw a Sam Sheffer tweet, shout out Sam Sheffer. If you don’t know him, go look him up, he does great tech videos. In one of his replies was a guy named Dustin who got the phone early. I click on his profile, turns out he lives in Arizona and so do I, how about that? So, let’s take a look at the phone that is making me consider a switch away from the beloved iPhone that everybody loves. Right here in front of me and you, I have the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. The XL was already unboxed and it is beautiful, I will say.

We’re gonna set this one over here while I unbox the Pixel 2. So this is the smaller version of the 2, obviously. There’s no XL after the name. You never know how, oh, there we go, how a box is gonna open. Nice. I like the slide, it feels good. Just like any other tech product these days. First time this phone has been touched.

Honestly, I like the size of this phone a lot. Actually, we’ll get that started after – real quick, I’ll just show you what else is in the box. Pamphlets that you’re never gonna read. SIM ejector and pamphlets in there. Charging. Uh, this thing, I know, you can literally get seven hours of battery life after a 15 minute charge, it has fast charging. It does not have a headphone jack like most new phones these days, so there’s a little dongle and a charging cable. Cool. First impressions, out of the box. Every review of this and picture that I’ve seen of the Pixel 2, the smaller version, I’ve been like, oh, those bezels on the top and bottom are humongous, they look smaller in person to me.

I don’t know what it is, but I like this a lot. Alright, so, I’ve just set up the smaller Pixel under my account so I can, like, play with it, download some apps and all that. There are plenty of other videos out there if you wanna see, like, the normal setup process of the Pixel and everything like that, so that is not for this video. I just wanted to show you guys a few of the features that are the reasons I’m even considering switching from iPhone to Android and more specifically from iPhone to Pixel. So let’s start with something that isn’t even new to Android, it’s just how Android has been from the beginning, but if you’re an iPhone user only, you may not know this. So, on iPhone, as you guys know, you are required to have apps at the top of the screen.

Phones have gotten a lot bigger ever since Apple first introduced the iPhone, a lot bigger, and it’s pretty hard to reach up there, honestly, unless you’re using two hands, so I don’t even really use the apps that are at the top of my screen nearly as much. I put the most useful ones at the bottom. And honestly, I would rather just not have apps at the top of my screen and that’s exactly what Android does. So, I know this is personal preference and you can have apps at the top if you want, but if you don’t want, you just move it on down and there you go, it’s at the bottom of the screen. Another big reason I really like Android is because it is made by Google and they make Google Assistant, which is so much better than Siri.

So, if I wanted to know about the Cavs’ game, I would just say okay, Google. Did the Cavs win tonight? – Yes, they won their most recent game 116-97. – Now say I wanted to keep talking about the Cavs, I had some other questions. I could say, okay, Google. When do they play next? – Their next game is tomorrow at 5 PM where they will be playing the Magic. – It’s not noticeable at first, but when you use Google Assistant a lot, you do notice. With Siri, I would have had to say okay, Siri or hey Siri, do the Cavs – I have to say the Cavs specifically. This one I just said, when do they play next? It knew what we were talking about, we could just continue the conversation. Voila, it’s magic. It’s hard to explain unless you actually use it yourself but it is so nice. Google Assistant, pretty smart. One of the main reasons I even care about the Pixel and Android.

Another cool feature that a lot of people are calling a gimmick, but I think it’s just super cool, is that you can squeeze the phone to activate Google Assistant. So you just squeeze the thumb. Wow, that was cool. That was actually my first time doing it. Whoa, hey. Stop. There’s plenty more I can talk about. I’m really digging Android. Just from playing around with it for a little bit, I really like the feel of it so far, so. I could see myself getting a Pixel 2 XL this year.

What would this video be without me talking about the main reason people stay with iPhone is iMessage. I understand that, but one of my friends who switched to Android was like, “yeah. “I did miss those little blue text messages for a while.” These phones are supposed to detect and tell you what song is playing just on the lock screen. (“Feel It Still” by Portugal.

The Man) It just happened! Do you guys see this? It’s such a small thing and I’m sure, like, any phone could’ve done that. I’m gonna turn this off ’cause I don’t wanna get copyrighted. That is so cool. It seems like a small thing but honestly, like, how many times do you, like, oh I wonder what song this is? It’s just like a nice touch. See, that’s what I’m saying.

Android has advanced, guys. Alright, guys. This is the man, the myth, and the legend. He owns these Pixels and he was nice enough – We literally met on Twitter. I don’t know why I said it like that. (laughs) We met on Twitter, how. That’s so random, I’ve actually never done that. – We both live in Arizona. – Yeah, we both live in Arizona and not far. – Of course, I didn’t fly out here. – He flew out for the video. – I flew out just for Stephen to check out the Pixels. – But you’ve used Android for a while. – For many, many years. I’ve used different aspects of Android, whether it be Pixels or Nexus devices. – Okay. – Samsung devices, LG devices, Motorola devices. – He’s used them all. – Yeah, pretty much. Pretty much all of them. – So is Pixel your favorite so far? – Yes. Yes, for sure. ‘Cause every Android device isn’t made equal. – Oh, they’re all different, yeah. – Yeah, very, very different and every manufacture puts a different spin on how the device works and functions. I personally think that the Pixel/Nexus/pure Android experience is the best way to go.

– But you did have iPhone at one point, right? – Yes. – So why would somebody switch from iPhone, say, me for example. I’ve been on iPhone for a long time. Why would an iPhone user switch to Android? – Well, I think it comes down to, ’cause I have used an iPhone before. It was the iPhone 4 to be exact. – It’s been a while. – It has been awhile. But it really just comes down to customization. I can do whatever I want with my Android device.

I can lay out applications how I want, I can – – I showed them that. That was one of my things. I hate having apps at the top of the screen, like, I don’t use them. – You can’t reach it. – Yeah, on the old phones it was fine, ’cause you could reach at the top. – Yeah, but I think it comes down to really making your phone your own. With an iPhone you can lay out five different iPhones in front of you and, for the most part, they’re gonna look exactly the same. Versus, I can have two of the exact same Pixels in front of us and essentially have two different experiences altogether. Controlling the experience, controlling the device, and really just making it my own personal device. – There’s good and bad to both, I think, but that’s definitely something I like about Android.

I didn’t even show you guys all the customization. – Yeah, yeah. – It’s crazy. And then the, for me, personally, the fingerprint scanner on the back is the way to go. – Oh yeah? – I don’t know about you but having – – I like it on the back, it feels nice. – Okay, yeah, good. I mean, the only issue is that, when you have it like this and you wanna unlock it, you have to pick it up and do that, but. – Well, Dustin, where can these people, if they wanna know who you are, where can they find you? – Um, you can find me on Twitter, mainly.

I Instagram, anywhere that you type in obriendustin, you’ll find me pretty much across all spectrums. I’m a blogger/tech reviewer for a few different outlets. – Dude, you did this, so. – Hey, no worries. – Thank you so much for letting me borrow this for the night. ♪ Stephen ♪ ♪ Stephen ♪ .

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