Colors – DevTools Tonight #0 (Pilot)

Thank you let’s talk about colors you know the things you use to make your pages let’s plan unless you’re building a site for a good of Great Escape fans so saying your CSS you want to do something different instead of two too frequently use papayawhip there are three cool new features and dev tools that make that way easier the eyedropper that’s used to pick a color from the page has been around for some time but it was always on paradoxically making it harder to discover you have accidentally found it when your cat’s been walking with your laptop you know one of those delightful discovery is like finding the rito cramp in your belly button right off because so many people couldn’t discover the feature the team went all the way back to the drawing board they thought long and hard debated the personas they wrote storyboards and facilitated focus groups and if you look in your canary you’ll finally see the result of all that engineering effort observe the IKE moving on there’s a small but loud crowd of peach buff aficionados out there I know because I’m one of them now if you need to take that name Collin turn it into hex hsl RGB a CMYK manzil or Pantone you now can now go ahead and find out which of these I made up but first let me tell you about the biggest new feature in new color picker say for some reason you’re not happy with your standard go to palette consisting of blanched almond and mint cream or maybe colors on your thing but you still want to embrace your artistic side either way devtools got you covered with the new palettes the custom palette allows you to store and later reuse your own scholar swatches whenever you need them but the palate isn’t just useful for storing your own colors of course you’re awesome sitting in front of a page that already has a bunch of colors and you want to reuse some that’s what he auto-generated palette comes in it shows you the past colors from the current page sorted by how often they appear in the CSS and finally the material design palette gives you a set of colors that look great out of the box the colors you seen that list out all the primary colors of material design but it’s a nifty building magic with this one long press on one of them and you can pick a shade instead now go and make your life more colorful and let me know what you think in the comments below on Twitter and subscribe to him more about what’s happening in the world of devtools from me Paul backers and the rest of the chrome devtools team will wish you a good evening and good debugging you

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